Which foods do you keep in the fridge or not?

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If you ever want to start a silent conversation, ask people what food they keep in the fridge. From eggs to an opened bottle of red wine: it is food for (extensive) discussion. Culy investigates what the experts say!

The chefs of that nice YouTube channel of Bon Appétit have such a heated discussion in the video below. Because opinions differ quite a bit about which foodstuffs should or should not be kept in the refrigerator.

Culy lists the most important keynotes for you.

To keep or not to keep in the fridge?


Oof. Perhaps the biggest topic of culinary discussion: should you or should you not keep eggs in the fridge (that and: should you wash rice or not ?). Especially because we often use eggs at room temperature for baking recipes.

In any case, the Nutrition Center prescribes that it is best to store eggs in the box in the refrigerator, so that they stay fresh longer. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria. That box is also useful: it ensures that the eggs dry out less quickly.

In the store, eggs are also kept outside the refrigerator, to prevent condensation (and thus bacterial growth). If you take them home from the refrigerator in your shopping bag, you will soon get condensation on the eggs. Moreover, the shell would already sufficiently protect the eggs against moisture and dirt.


There are people who keep bread in the fridge. However, it is better not to do this, because the bread will dry out. It’s a different story for sandwiches: you can keep them in the fridge for a while. But eat them as soon as possible, at least the same day.

An opened bottle of red wine

Soldiering a bottle of wine in one go: many people will have little difficulty with this. However, do you have any leftovers in that opened bottle of red wine? Then it is best to keep it in the fridge, just like with all other types of wine. It will stay there for one to three days.


Cucumbers are not kept in the refrigerator in the supermarket: should we put them in the fridge at home? According to The Nutrition Center, cucumber is one of the fruiting vegetables (just like eggplant, bell pepper, zucchini and avocado) and is best kept outside the refrigerator. The cold would spoil them faster.

Do you wonder why those peppers or cucumbers in the supermarket are often wrapped in plastic wrap? Well, it is not very environmentally friendly, but that is to prevent them from drying out (up to a week). If you buy such a packaged vegetable, leave it at home in the packaging until use.


The taste of tomatoes is affected if you keep them in the refrigerator. And the skin can also be damaged by the cold, so that they spoil faster. It is therefore better to store them in a cool, dry place outside the refrigerator.


In cafes, that bottle of ketchup is sometimes standard on the table: can you just keep it outside the fridge, in your kitchen cupboard for example?

Yes: you can keep ready-made ketchup (and mayonnaise) in the pantry. However, the advice is to keep it in the fridge, because then it will last much longer. That is, nine months to a year.


Broccoli is not refrigerated in the supermarket and you can also store the vegetables raw outside the refrigerator at home for about one to two days. However, broccoli stays fresh longer in the refrigerator: up to three to five days.

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