9 tasty vegetable-based snacks (from cauliflower to potato skin)

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Now that the chocolate spice nuts are already long and wide on the shelves, we are eagerly looking for other snacks at the Culy editorial office. Not because we hate kruidnoten, but because we want to protect ourselves in case there is such a thing as speculaas syndrome. We found those other snacks in these vegetable snacks.

We don’t know whether snacks made of vegetables can really match 5 December sweets – but they are certainly healthier. And tasty too!

9 tasty vegetable snacks

Healthy rainbow pizza

Pizza is always good: with a drink, for dinner or as a  late night snack. Small problem: if you really eat it three times a day, you’re probably missing out on a lot of vitamins.

Unless you eat this rainbow pizza! We actually made these for the kids, but we’d be lying if we said that adults don’t just like lots of colors too. And with no less than 7 different vegetables, it is also super healthy.

rainbow pizzas vegetable snacks

> To the recipe:  Culy Kids: rainbow pizzas with secretly a lot of vegetables

Japanese spinach chips

Also very tasty, but a lot less work: spinach chips. Roasting fresh spinach leaves in the oven with some sesame oil makes them super light and crispy.

We top the spinach chips with  gomashio : a kind of seasoning salt made from sesame seeds and sea salt. A surprisingly tasty alternative to potato chips, if we do say so ourselves.

Healthy chips: spinach chips

> To the recipe:  Culy Homemade: Japanese spinach chips (healthy alternative to chips!)

Kale chips

What can be done with spinach, can of course also be done with kale – after all, it is both green and light (or does that not work?). We initially only made these kale chips with a little oil and sea salt, but you can also use the gomashio  for this, of course.

Image with vegetable snacks: kale chips

> To the recipe:  Hip, tasty & healthy: kale chips

Cauliflower Power

Do you already know SnacksWithBenefits? The company makes vegetable-based all-vegetable snacks, which they sell through Crisp . Culy’s Nancy recently tried the Cauliflower Power and was an instant fan! The vegetable snacks are made from local cauliflower, baked in a crispy coating from the remains of potato chips production. So also very durable.

Not a fan of cauliflower? The company also produces ‘A-maize-ing Ribs’: crispy Dutch corn for chewing.

Cauliflower Power vegetable snacks

Haricot fries

Also nice and crispy: French fries from green beans! These are not only tasty, but also a lot easier to make than potato fries – time when you can easily make your own garlic sauce.

The recipe comes from We ♥ vegetables by Janneke Vreugdenhil . Janneke’s advice: “You eat with your hands, of course. You don’t eat regular fries with a knife and fork, do you?” Amen.

Haricots fries from Janneke Vreugdenhil

> To the recipe:  Haricots fries: cool fries from green beans

Carrots in filo dough

“The healthy snack of your dreams”, Culy’s Nancy calls this snack from  Jamie Oliver ‘s VEG  . And then you know! The vegetable snack is super easy to make and very tasty too.

And yes, we go just a little further than just rolling carrots in dough: first we roll them in a syrup of orange and bay leaf for extra taste. A sauce is of course also part of it: a fresh dip of yogurt, tahini and harissa, for example.

Healthy snack: carrots in filo dough

> To the recipe:  Culy Kids: carrots in crispy filo dough (healthy snack!) from Jamie Oliver

Chips from vegetable peels

We all know that you can make fries from potatoes – but did you know that you can even use loose potato skins? And the same goes for parsnips and beets, for example.

You can fry the peels or throw them in the airfryer, but you can also simply roast them in the oven. A little oil and salt and off you go.

Image of potato peelings in vegetable snacks

> To the recipe:  Fat sustainable: which vegetable peels can you make chips from?

Roasted chickpeas

We don’t know whether legumes officially count as a vegetable – but it doesn’t really matter that much. The bottom line is that roasted chickpeas are a great snack that almost looks like peanuts.

You can flavor them with just salt, but you can also try other ways. How about chili flakes or ras el hanout ?

Roasted chickpeas

> To the recipe:  Culy Homemade: roasted chickpeas

nori tempura

Another one in the list ‘no idea if it’s a vegetable, but it is delicious’: nori tempura . Yes, indeed: fried seaweed! Nori is known as the seaweed that wraps around your sushi roll, but for this snack it is coated with tempura batter on one side and then fried until crispy. The result is crunchy to crunchy with a lot of umami.

You can find the seaweed snack in the toko, in two variants: the classic and a  spicy  variant. By the way, the same brand (Tao Kae Noi) also makes non-fried seaweed snacks, such as fried, grilled and roasted seaweed.

nori tempura

Source: Culy by culy.nl
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