This is how you remove bad odors from your fridge

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In a refrigerator a lot of different foods collect together; one variety fresher and more lively than the other. It is therefore not surprising that unpleasant odors sometimes arise in that refrigerator of yours. You can of course wash the thing out completely, but there are also a few handy tricks to remove bad odors from your fridge.

8 tips to remove bad odors from your fridge

Before you apply these tricks, it is wise to follow your nose and track down what the diffuser of that air is. Remove the culprit from your refrigerator first. And now: to the tricks!

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1. Baking soda

Suffering from a musty  fridge ? Then place an opened package in the back of the fridge to neutralize odors, writes our sister Roomed . After a month you have to replace it with a new package. The old package does not have to go in the trash; you can still use the contents to clean the toilet.

2. Lemon

Put a non-fleshed lemon in the fridge with a little salt to absorb those unpleasant odors. Also handy to use the lemons of which you have used the grated zest and/or juice for cooking. Don’t throw them away, put them in the fridge. Replace after a few days.

3. Apple

What works with lemon, also works with apple. If you put half an apple on a bowl in the fridge, bad odors will get into it. Replace in time, just like with the lemon.

4. Coffee

The smell of freshly ground or freshly brewed coffee always makes us happy. And good news: even used, ground coffee will make you happy. Let the stuff dry on a baking tray or plate, then put it in a container and put it in the fridge.

This also works with freshly ground coffee (but you may prefer to drink it). Coffee has the property of neutralizing odors. That is why there is often a cup of coffee beans in a perfume department.

5. Used Tea Bags

Discard old used tea bags, but collect them in a container and put them in the fridge. This trick would also work with a dry tea bag.

6. Oatmeal

Did you know that oatmeal is very good at absorbing odors? Put them in a container and put them in the fridge to neutralize bad smells in the fridge.

7. (Apple) cider vinegar

It’s a tried and true trick to mask the smell of your frying adventures by putting a pan of vinegar and water on the stove. But vinegar also works very well in the refrigerator. Just put a container of the stuff in your fridge is the motto. The smell of vinegar can be a bit strong, so you have to be able to handle this.

8. Vanilla

It might be better to opt for vanilla. Drizzle some vanilla extract on a cotton ball, place it in a bowl and place it in your fridge. Vanilla extract is expensive, so use it sparingly…

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