Why you should not sprinkle pepper over your barbecue meat

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The sun is shining, so hop into that outdoor kitchen! Whether you’re beaming behind a Big Green Egg or enjoying the disposable barbecue cuisine. Taking good care of your barbecue meat ensures a delicious taste afterwards. Who does good, meets good, shall we say. But did you know that when you let it rain with your largest pepper mill over raw barbecue meat, it doesn’t really provide culinary sunshine at all?

Salt, no pepper? 

There is a good chance that before you start preparing a piece of meat, you automatically remove your salt and pepper set from the cupboards. Meat has to have a good taste before you throw it in the flames, right? Tip: give your pepper mill a slightly later start and only let it do its job after grilling.

It turns out that if you coat the barbecue meat with a generous layer of salt and pepper before grilling, the pepper will burn due to the direct heat. Your perfectly prepared cut of meat that you’re looking forward to could possibly take on a bitter taste. And no one is waiting for that.

Tastes differ

We have to be honest: there are age-old theories about why you should or should not add pepper to the – still raw – barbecue meat. One says “do it,” the other “don’t get it in your head.”

There is no right or wrong, but there is a warning. You get that from us with this one, so that it can in any case not go wrong in terms of bitter taste. You still have to do the rest yourself, but with the extra tips below you are already a lot closer to a perfect medium steak.

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