Whip up proteins? You can’t go wrong with these tips

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The big question always remains: which came first, the chicken or the egg? That remains a mystery. What we do know is that chickens lay very ingenious objects that can be used for many purposes. Today we put proteins in the spotlight. In particular: How do you beat proteins? Because with those whipped proteins, they make the most refined dishes all over the world. But you have to know how best to do that. We have listed a few tips.

Separate the egg white from the egg yolk

The very first step is essential. Make sure there is no egg yolk in your egg white, not even a milligram. This ensures that the protein becomes less stiff. Always use fresh eggs, the yolks are firmer.

You can also use a professional egg separator , but in principle you can also do it very well with your (clean!) hands or with the shells of the eggs. Always have two (clean!) containers ready. Open the egg above your hand. Use your fingers to sift out the egg whites, while the yolks remain on your hand. So of course do this above one of your bowls and not above the sink…

Clean, cleaner, cleanest for the best proteins

The next tip may be even more essential. All tools, containers, appliances, whisks, pan scrapers and hands must be spotless and free of grease . Clean the attributes you use one more time with hot water and dry them with a (clean!) tea towel or kitchen paper before you start beating the egg whites.

Super Tip : You can also use lemon juice to clean the materials.

Which bowl and a pinch of salt

Preferably use a glass or stainless steel bowl. Other variants are more difficult to clean really well. Proteins also have the great property that they easily take over taste. This is very beneficial for a dessert, but less beneficial if the dish suddenly tastes like aluminum. You don’t want that.

Proteins that you beat grow considerably in volume. It is therefore very useful if you use a large bowl, so that all your stiffly beaten egg whites easily fit in.

Tip: add a small pinch of salt. This stabilizes the proteins and ensures that they can be beaten better.

Beating the egg whites

Now you can really start. Do this with a whisk or a stick blender and make sure the egg whites are at room temperature . Beat the egg whites until they are no longer translucent and form stiff peaks. A good gauge is always to test whether you can invert the bowl without the contents falling out. Again, don’t knock too long!

Whipped egg whites are best processed as quickly as possible. Always use a pan scraper with which you carefully fold the stiff proteins through the dish or batter. If you do this carefully, you will retain the lightness and that will give a perfect end result.

And now you can really get started with meringue , pavlovas , or ile flotants,

banoffee pavlova

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