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The airfryer is no longer a new player on the market, but it is still a very popular one. (If even Culy’s Maaike’s grandparents come up with it, then you’ll know.) The device is ideal for those who don’t like greasy frying, but are too impatient for the oven. Usually then, because although you can do a lot more, not everything can be done in the airfryer.

We made a list of what you can and cannot prepare in the airfryer. Useful!

Prepare this in your air fryer…

frying snacks

From fries to bitterballen and frikandels: you can easily bake many snacks in the airfryer. Always check the packaging to make sure: if they can go in the oven, they can also be used in the airfryer.

You can also use the airfryer to give deep-fried snacks from the evening (or night…) a second life. Put the cold bitterballen in the airfryer at 200 degrees, wait a few minutes and enjoy your anti-hangover ‘meal’.


The fries were a no-brainer, but you can also bake cookies in the airfryer. Perhaps not as large a portion as would fit on a baking tray, but a small portion that is ready a lot faster (almost twice as fast as in the oven!).

Enthusiastic? Simply take your favorite cookie recipe and prepare the dough. Bake them in the airfryer sun 15 degrees lower than you would in the oven. They are ready in 5 to 10 minutes!


What’s great about airfryer cookies is that they have such a good consistency: crunchy on the outside,  chewy  on the inside. And that’s exactly what you want from your gnocchi !

Bake the potato balls for about 10 minutes at 180 degrees, mix in some fried vegetables and pesto  et voilà : a super fast meal.

Croissants with bacon and syrup


You can also have breakfast in the airfryer : from oven rolls to croissants from the fresh dough that you can buy in such a roll. They are extra tasty with a filling of, for example, chocolate spread or bacon and syrup.

In the oven they only need about 12 minutes, but in the airfryer they go really fast: about 8 minutes. Can you use the time that you have left to roll really nice croissants – because that’s still quite an art.

crispy toast

Not only can you prepare croissants and oven rolls in the airfryer, but you no longer need a toaster if you have an airfryer at home. Within a few minutes your fresh bam is turned into a crispy toast .

Pro tip: if you brush the bread beforehand with some olive oil or butter, your toast will be even tastier. Just like with a toastie, actually.

Steak and other meat

You don’t bake the perfect steak in the airfryer, but a much faster version does. So if you fancy a steak without too much effort on a weekday, you can definitely give the airfryer a try.

And yes, we mean really little effort. You preheat your airfryer to 200 degrees, spread the steak with a layer of melted butter and then bake it for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how cooked you want it. Enjoy your dinner!

French toast

French toast takes us back to our childhood: free Wednesday afternoons cutting dolls, making wool Saint beards and, of course, eating French toast, with tea at the dining table.

Of course there was no air fryer then, but now there is! And with that, French toast is suddenly no longer reserved for (also no longer so) free Wednesday afternoons, but you can just enjoy it as often as you want.

rainbow pizzas

leftover pizza

There are plenty of fans of cold pizza out there – but if that’s not you, the airfryer is  your new best friend . You heat a piece of cold pizza for about 3 to 4 minutes at about 160 degrees in the airfryer, and it is fresh as new .

Grilled vegetables

Oven – grilled vegetables are fan-tas-tic. And many of these can also be prepared in the air fryer! Think of broccoli, cauliflower, green beans or eggplant.

Note: the vegetables are then really roasted, and not boiled. If you want that, you will really have to use water instead of hot air.

… but rather not this

thin batter

Things that you make from dough, such as croissants, bread and pizza, can often be used in the airfryer. Unfortunately, this does not apply to batter, for example for oliebollen or churros. In frying fat, the outside of it immediately solidifies, but in the airfryer this does not work.

Therefore always make sure that your batter is thick enough not to leak, or use, for example, breadcrumbs on the outside.

Fatty meat

You can prepare many types of meat and fish in the airfryer, but watch out with fatty meat. The fat from it will melt and that not only drips into the deep-fat fryer, but is also blown through the entire pan. Depending on your type of airfryer, this can start to smell and even smoke.

The same applies to wet meat, which has just come out of the freezer, for example. If you do this directly in the airfryer, it will not bake, but will steam. Do not you want to.

Foods that are too big

Fancy a baked whole chicken ? There is a good chance that it will only just fit in the airfryer (if it does). And that’s actually not the case, because if your food is too close to or touches the grill element, it can cause a lot of accidents (read: burnt chicken and a lot of smoke).

So make sure that your product or dish does not protrude above the basket – then you are safe anyway. In any case, the trick with an airfryer is not to want to bake too much; then it just takes a very long time.

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