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Christmas Day, the kitchen of your home. Several pans are already simmering on the fire, delicious winter scents wander into the living room… And then you find out: you have forgotten an important ingredient. shit! But don’t worry: you can replace your whipped cream, eggs, stock, cornstarch and more.

Culy to the rescue!

This is how you can replace important ingredients

Replace whipped cream

Let’s be honest, that Christmas cake is a lot better with whipped cream. Forgot to get a container (or aerosol)? Then you can also serve sweet dishes with sweet crème frache . Make it by whipping 200 grams of crème frache with 30 grams of powdered sugar. Nice and creamy!

Unwhipped cream to make things creamy, such as soup or quiche , can be replaced with other types of cream. That cooking cream that you still have in the cupboard, for example, works fine. In quiches, you can also replace whipped cream with a dash of whole milk.

Replace butter

Didn’t get any butter at home? Especially in savory dishes you can easily replace it with margarine. In recipes where the quantities are not so strict, do that 1-to-1, but if you bake a cake with margarine, pay attention to the fat content. If that is lower than 70 percent, this means that there is (much) more water in the margarine than in butter, so you have to leave out some other moisture.

Do you want to replace butter with neutral oil? That is also possible, but also pay attention to the proportions. Butter contains more water than oil, which means that oil contains 92 percent fat and butter only 82 percent. Convert it with this sum: (grams of butter) x 0.82 = (number). (number) : 0.92 = required amount (in grams!) of oil.

Replace eggs

That boiled egg at Christmas breakfast is difficult to replace. But do you need eggs for baking? You can use something else instead (also handy for vegan baking!).

In sweet cakes, for example, applesauce and bananas ensure a good binding. Replace one egg with half a mashed banana (preferably a well ripe one) or about 50 grams of applesauce. You can also make a ‘ linseed egg’ by mixing a tablespoon of linseed (per egg to be replaced) with 3 tablespoons of lukewarm water. Let that stand for fifteen minutes and you will see that it will take on the structure of an egg.

In both sweet and savory dishes, you can also replace an egg with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, dissolved in water.

Replace broth powder or cubes

Types of broth are fairly interchangeable with each other. Have you forgotten the chicken stock, but do you have vegetable stock at home? Then use that.

Don’t have any stock at all, but do you want to make a good ragout or gravy? Just use hot water and make sure you add enough dried herbs to it, which you prefer to let soak in for a while. Pepper and salt are indispensable, and in addition, dried thyme and parsley are often used.

Replace onions

Onions are the basis for many dishes, so it’s good to always have them on hand. Did you have an ‘ah dude, I’m sure I still have that’ moment, when your stock was actually exhausted? Replace your onion with spring onions, leeks or fresh chives (yes, really!).

Of course you can always replace the onion with the powder of the same name. Replace one onion with a teaspoon of onion powder.

Replace breadcrumbs

Have you finally taken up the challenge of making potato croquettes yourself this year (the ones from the freezer are always disappointing), but didn’t you throw breadcrumbs in your shopping cart? Don’t worry: you can easily replace breadcrumbs. Because they are in fact breadcrumbs, you can also just grind and use any leftover stale bread yourself.

Other options include ground oats, ground tortilla chips or ground nuts.

Replace lemon

Lemon pie without lemon is difficult, but if you need lemon to add a bit of acidity to, for example, a dressing, there are options. For example, replace your lemon with a dash of white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar . As delicious as!

If you do have limes at home, that’s obviously the best option to use instead of lemon.

Replace cornstarch

Don’t want to thicken that &^#%@!* gravy or ragout? Binding with cornstarch is the solution. Only, uh, you haven’t.

You can always use potato starch instead of cornstarch/cornstarch. Like cornstarch, you dissolve it in some water before adding it to recipes. If you also don’t have potato starch, you can use regular (white) flour to thicken recipes. Use twice as much flour as cornstarch: 2 tablespoons flour to 1 tablespoon cornstarch.

Finally, you can use arrowroot or tapioca  . You can buy these binding agents at most health food stores and bind at a lower temperature than cornstarch.

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