8 x the most common mistakes when heating food in the microwave

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The microwave is something you probably use every now and then. If it’s not to warm up your food, you might melt chocolate in it or – and yes, this is all possible with the microwave – prepare a turkey , boil an egg or roast aubergines in the microwave . You understand: that microwave is at home in all kinds of markets. Provided you use it properly, because some mistakes are sometimes made when using the microwave.

And that’s a shame, because after all, you didn’t put all kinds of effort into preparing a tasty meal only to ruin it in the microwave the next day. Never do these things again:

1. Do not monitor the microwave

You put your food in the microwave, set the timer, turn around and continue scrolling through your phone or reading a newspaper article. Recognizable? Surely. Smart thing to do? Slightly less.

It’s super easy and low-key to heat up your food in the microwave, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep an eye on it. Especially if you are heating up something like soup, sauce or (microwave) popcorn. Such dishes can boil, jump or splash and thus burn, which in turn is not good for the meal and for the microwave.

2. Thinking you can put everything in the microwave

This applies to the material in which you heat the food as well as the food itself. You cannot – unfortunately – simply heat everything up. For example, chicken becomes very tough (because there is little fat in the product) and seafood such as shrimp can get a rubbery texture after heating in the microwave.

Also, don’t put things like aluminum foil, silver, plastic and the materials that many of your takeaways come in the microwave in the microwave. Plastic molecules can escape from the latter (often made of Styrofoam) in the microwave and end up in your food.

3. Warm up your entire plate in one go

If you have a meal left over like an AVG, it’s easy to store it whole on a plate in the fridge and reheat it the next day. However, this ensures that some parts are not heated properly and other parts become too hot.

What should you do then? Warm up each type of food separately and then put it on your plate. So first the meat, then the vegetables and then the potatoes.

4. Reheat frozen fruit in the microwave

We love frozen fruit , but heating it up in the microwave for quick use is a no-go. It often becomes a huge mess (everything starts to splash), the fruit doesn’t taste any better and it often becomes a ‘mushy bite’.

Do you have to use the fruit quickly? Then warm it up by putting one portion in a plastic bag and placing it in warm water.

5. Thinking you can only use the microwave to heat up food

As we said in the intro, you can do a lot more with the microwave than you think. We often use it to quickly heat up your food or pop your popcorn, but you can even roast aubergines in it !

A few more interesting things you can do with the microwave:

  • Frying herbs (great for this recipe with tortellini and butter sauce )
  • Easy to make meringue
  • Make beurre noisette
  • making espresso
  • Peel garlic (in 20 seconds!)
  • Making caramel sauce

6. Not cleaning the microwave properly

A dirty microwave can do its job less well, but it also spreads bad odors that you don’t want in your kitchen. It is therefore important to keep the microwave clean. Our sister Roomed tells you how to do that .

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