From gunkan to nigiri: your help through the sushi menu

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Do you know all kinds of sushi from the menu, including the correct Japanese name? After reading this article, we can promise you. From nigiri to temaki and gunkan: we present you the most important differences in a sake glass. That’s handy life knowledge!

For this we based ourselves largely on the great book Homakase by Oof Verschuren to educate ourselves in the wonderful world of sushi. After all, what other book?

Types of sushi at a glance

1. Nigeria

One takes a ball of rice, one takes a little wasabi and one takes a slice of fish, vegetables or seafood. Tadaaa: nigiri! In terms of looks, nigiri is perhaps one of the most famous sushi forms, just think of that emoji where a nigiri with salmon is joined by one with tuna (just look it up).

Yamazato . sushi

2. Sashimi

Sashimi is basically just sliced ​​fish served without fuss. This makes it a good quality check for the freshness of the fish: otherwise there is little to hide with all kinds of creative sushi rolls. The traditional way to eat sashimi is with a little wasabi and soy sauce.

3. Lemur

If there’s one thing you want to remember from this piece, remember this: maki is rolled sushi. In its simplest model, this is a piece of fish or vegetable between rice, rolled up in nori (seaweed), just think of the typical cucumber maki. Of course there are also many variants, such as the uramaki (better known here as the inside-out roll, where the rice is on the outside) and the futomaki (with different types of fillings).

4. Temaki

A special category among the maki is temaki: better known here as handrolls . For this, a nori sheet is folded in the shape of a cone and filled with rice and fish or vegetables. Because it requires less technical skills than other varieties, temaki is often made in Japanese households. Fun fact!

5. Gunkan

Gunkan can best be compared with nigiri, but with ingredients that are less easy to arrange on a ball of rice (such as salmon eggs or crab). That is why a wrapper of nori is used to bind all the parts together and keep them in place. They are therefore like small sushi boats.

6. Temari

Temari are bite-sized sushi balls for which rice, wasabi and toppings are rolled into a ball. The toppings are usually on top: these also usually consist of fish, vegetables or shellfish.

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