16 x festive desserts for the holidays (Sinterklaas and Christmas)

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The festive season has arrived! From Sinterklaas to New Year’s Eve and everything in between (read: Christmas): that naturally calls for a lot of festive desserts. We list Culy’s best recipes, from a speculoos ramisu to coffee mousse and even stuffed lemon with Prosecco sorbet ice cream.

Culy’s December Rule #1: Never skip dessert.

Festive desserts for Sinterklaas

Speculaas Tiramisu

No ladyfingers and coffee, but speculaasjes and chocolate milk! That makes your tiramisu not only wonderfully wintery, but also completely suitable for children (and people who just don’t like coffee).

Extra fun: bake the speculaas yourself in advance, and decorate the tiramisu with sprinkles together with your children.

speculaas tiramisu for Sinterklaas

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: speculaastiramisu (for Sinterklaas!)

Dame blanche with gingerbread

So simple, yet so tasty: that’s about how we would describe a dame blanche . And if your belly is already full of gingerbread cookies, you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen for an extensive dessert.

That’s why we made this dame blanche the Sinterklaas way: we replaced the chocolate sauce with melted speculaas. Works great!

Dame blanche with gingerbread

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: Sinterklaas dame blanche with gingerbread

Apple strudel with speculoos 

Anyone who is a fan of apple strudel will absolutely love this Sinterklaas variant. By simply stirring some gingerbread crumbs through your apple filling, the strudel gets that extra touch .

Extra tasty if you serve it with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream, of course.

apple strudel with speculoos

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: apple strudel with speculaas (for Sinterklaas!)

Gourmet French toast with cinnamon and fried banana

At Culy’s Maaike it has been a permanent tradition on Pakjesavond for years: gourmet ! And if the device is still on, you might as well prepare your dessert on it. However? By caramelizing the banana, you have a nice sweet end to your savory gourmet session.

No more appetite after an evening of gourmet? This recipe is also very suitable for an extensive Sinterklaas breakfast (yes, that’s a thing from now on).

gourmet French toast with banana and cinnamon

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: gourmet French toast with cinnamon and fried banana

Quick desserts for Christmas

Coffee mousse with tahini chocolate sauce

We find it incomprehensible that some people skip dessert to start with their coffee right away. But we do understand very well that people process coffee in dessert themselves. Especially if that dessert is ready quickly too.

And as always, Ottolenghi knows exactly how to do it. A coffee mousse with a tahini-chocolate sauce, roasted nuts and amaretti biscuits… The recipe may have been made before Valentine’s Day , but as far as we’re concerned it breathes Christmas.

header coffee mousse ottolenghi

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: coffee mousse with tahini chocolate sauce from Ottolenghi

Raspberry fool with pistachios

Are you tired of those wintery flavors of cranberry, pumpkin and speculoos? For everyone who is ready for something summery, there is this festive dessert with (frozen) raspberries and a wafer as on a summer ice cream sundae.

And they don’t call this a raspberry fool for nothing: this dessert is completely fool proof . Exactly what you need!

raspberry fool

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: easy raspberry fool with pistachios

Festive sundae with pretzels, brown butter and caramel

Melt butter and wait for it to brown, add pretzels and bake in the oven: that’s all you need to do for this dessert (preferably on Christmas morning).

Then it’s a matter of scooping ice cream into coupes, a splash of caramel sauce over it and finally the pretzel crumbs. A child can do the laundry.

sundae with pretzel, brown butter and caramel

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: festive birthday sundae with pretzels, brown butter and caramel

Chocolate mousse with gingerbread crumb

Chocolate mousse is fantastic, but it can also be a chore – if you go for the split-egg version, at least. However, we took a shortcut by making a variant of only whipped cream and chocolate.

We are fans of the gingerbread crumb as a topping, but of course you can also opt for something else. Think: some frozen fruit or shaved white chocolate.

easy chocolate mousse with gingerbread crumb

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: very easy chocolate mousse with gingerbread crumb

The easiest puff pastry fruit pie ever

Have you already gone so far with the starter and main course that you don’t feel like making an extensive dessert? we get it. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat dessert at all.

Puff pastry, some sugar and frozen fruit: that’s (bjina) all you need to put a super-quick dessert on the table. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on top and voilà : your festive dessert can be served on the table.

Puff pastry fruit tart

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: the easiest puff pastry fruit tart ever

Easy dessert with fruit and chatter heads

Okay okay, we just said that the puff pastry pie was the easiest dessert ever – but this variant with fruit and gingerbread might be even easier. You can use any kind of fruit, so choose what you like.

The idea: put a chatterhead on a plate, scoop some mascarpone with cardamom and some of the fruit on it. Repeat and cover with a patty cup. And well, if you have saved so much time, you can also add some powdered sugar on top.

Easy dessert with fruit

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: easy dessert with fruit and gingerbread

More elaborate festive desserts for Christmas

Mulled wine cheesecake

Cheesecake, of course, is always good. Mulled wine too. So mulled wine cheesecake? YES PLEASE. And yes, of course you eat it with a warm glass of mulled wine next to it.

The cheesecake itself may not look fantastic – except for the pink color – but the good news is that you can go wild with the decoration. Edible gold glitter,  anyone? 

mulled wine cheesecake

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: mulled wine cheesecake (the perfect dessert for the holidays!)

les flottantes with salted caramel

A strong example  of cuisine française : these are the îles flottantes. Such an île flottante consists of a cloud of light, airy protein foam, floating in a sea of ​​crème anglaise. Then we add some salted caramel and almond shavings. It doesn’t get any more chic.

Would you like to practice with this classic festive dessert first? We promise you that the preview won’t be bad at all.

îles flottantes dessert

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: îles flottantes with salted caramel

Stuffed lemon with Prosecco sorbet

A homemade Prosecco sorbet in an (edible!) buttery lemon zest: if there’s one thing worth Christmas, it’s this. You can bet that you will steal the show with this festive dessert.

Do you find the candied lemon peel a bit too much hassle? Then hollow out a lemon and scoop the sorbet in it. You can’t eat the peel, but it still looks very nice.

filled lemon with Prosecco sorbet festive dessert

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: stuffed lemon with Prosecco sorbet

Crepes with salted caramel

This recipe may be under the heading ‘extensive’, but that’s mainly because you make the caramel yourself and have to bake pancakes – it’s certainly not difficult!

And oh yes: you will have enough of the salted caramel to keep in a jar and enjoy it during the holidays. Use it to make salted caramel popcorn  or  salted caramel meringues  , for example.

Crepes with salted caramel as a festive dessert for Christmas

> Go to recipe:  Quick crepes with salted caramel (an easy dessert!)

Pumpkin panna cotta with pecan and white chocolate

The wintery taste of pumpkin , combined with the creaminess of panna cotta: that turns out to be a  match made in heaven . Especially if you add some pecans on top for the crunch!

Extra nice: you can just make this dessert the day before, because it has to stiffen anyway. Don’t stress yourself over Christmas.

pumpkin panna cotta

> Go to recipe:  Culy Homemade: pumpkin panna cotta with pecan and white chocolate

Almond tart with limoncello (torta de Santiago)

Do you have guests who eat gluten free? Then this  torta de Santiago  – si, de España –  is perfect as a festive dessert. It is not made from regular flour, but from almond flour .

You can play with the layer of powdered sugar by making a Christmas pattern on it. Cut out some stars from paper, place them on top of the cake and dust it with icing sugar. Remove the papers and you have a beautiful party cake!

torta de santiago (almond tart with limoncello)

> Go to recipe:  Almond tart with limoncello (torta de Santiago)

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