12 x the best side dishes for the Christmas menu

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Potato tufts, potato croquettes, mashed potatoes, potatoes from the oven; that’s pretty much what we know from the old days about side dishes for Christmas. Oh yes, and boiled Brussels sprouts. Fortunately, we now know that things can be done better – and so can you after reading this list.

From parsnips with chestnuts to a real hasselback zucchini: Christmas will never be the same again.

Christmas caprese salad with persimmon fruit and basil oil

The classic caprese – tomato with pesto and basil – is always a good side dish. But Christmas recipes wouldn’t be Christmas recipes if they didn’t just have that golden edge. For this recipe, we took that golden edge quite literally: instead of tomato, we made this Christmas caprese with the colorful kaki fruit .

You also make the basil oil in the dish yourself, from basil ( surprise ) with spinach, lime zest and oil. Make a lot, then you can sprinkle it over all your Italian dishes. Thank you later .

Christmas salad: side dish for Christmas

> To the recipe:  Culy Homemade: Christmas caprese salad with persimmons and basil oil

Poireaux vinaigrette (leek with vinaigrette)

For 33 years, restaurant Bordewijk in Amsterdam was the  place to go  (or should we say:  lieu pour visiter ) for those who loved Burgundian French classics . The restaurant closed in 2018, but you can now cook the dishes yourself, with the bundled recipes of chef Wil Demandt. It also includes this  poireaux vinaigrette : tasteful leeks that certainly wouldn’t look out of place as a side dish at Christmas.

Moreover, the dish is also easy: it is not much more than cooking the leeks and making the vinaigrette. Serve with an egg and parsley  and voila.

Poireaux vinaigrette side dish

> To the recipe:  Poireaux vinaigrette (leek with vinaigrette, a French classic)

Brussels sprouts with gochujang and brown butter

Boiled Brussels sprouts are a Christmasy side dish that evokes a huge nostalgic feeling in some, while others find it unappealing. This variant may be less nostalgic, but it will convince every Brussels sprout hater. Roast the Brussels sprouts in the oven and season with brown butter, gochujang and peanuts. Delicious.

Gochujang is a Korean chili paste by the way; you can find it at the store. Handy to have at home anyway, because you also need it for various other Korean dishes (such as bibimbap ).

Brussels sprouts with brown butter and gochujang

> To the recipe: Culy Homemade: Brussels sprouts with gochujang and brown butter

Roasted pumpkin with Burrata and crispy chili oil

Pumpkin always goes well with Christmas dinner, but especially when you combine it with a ball of Burrata. The sweet pumpkin with the creamy cheese is a  match made in heaven . Does it sound a bit too mild? That’s exactly why we serve the Christmas side dish with chili oil.

You could replace the crispy chili oil with ready-made from a jar (you must have that from Lao Gan Ma), but if you make it yourself, you can determine all the proportions Great if you like extra spicy.

Pumpkin with burrata and crispy chili oil

> To the recipe:  Culy Homemade: roasted pumpkin with Burrata and crispy chili oil

Double baked sweet potatoes

You also use chili oil in this dish; it gives a spicy touch to the sweet potatoes. The result is sweet, gooey, spicy and crunchy. In short, everything you are looking for in a tasty side dish for Christmas.

The trick for these perfect potatoes: double fry. First, roast the sweet potatoes whole in the oven, then break them into smaller pieces and roast them once more in a maple mixture. Divine, otherwise we cannot say.

Double baked sweet potatoes

> To the recipe:  Culy Homemade: double baked sweet potatoes à la Momofuku

Christmas salad with mandarin, red chicory and pecan

Let’s face it, doesn’t this salad look terribly Christmassy? The red chicory , the mandarin, the red berries and even the pomegranate seeds: everything fits perfectly in this festive whole. And oh yes, it’s delicious too.

The secret of the dressing is in half a teaspoon of mustard. That balances the other flavors of the Christmas salad and gives the side dish a warm aftertaste.

Christmas salad with mandarin, red chicory and pecan

> To the recipe:  Culy Homemade: Christmas salad with mandarin, red chicory and pecan

Parsnip with sweet chestnuts from the oven

A dish with chestnuts ? Isn’t that a lot of work? Well, not necessarily. Although you can roast sweet chestnuts in the oven and then peel them, if you don’t feel like it, you can always buy ready-made chestnuts from a specialty store.

And those chestnuts seem to go great with roasted parsnips; If they have a warm taste on their own, especially together. Add some honey and sage and the Christmas scene is ready on the table.

Picture of parsnip with chestnuts, ice cream dish for Christmas

> To the recipe:  Parsnip with sweet chestnuts from the oven

Cacio e pepe potatoes

Don’t feel like putting your double baked sweet potatoes in the oven for 1.5 hours? Then these potatoes are more for you. By stirring grated Pecorino and a lot of pepper into the boiled potatoes, you get an exciting variation on the classic potatoes for Christmas dinner.

A special side dish, but still very easy. In fact, you don’t even have to peel the potatoes!

Cacio e pepe potatoes side dish for Christmas

> To the recipe:  Culy Homemade: cacio e pepe potatoes (a quick & easy side dish)

Hasselback zucchini

You may know hasselback potatoes ; not only very tasty, but also quite chic. But have you ever thought of ‘hasselbacking’ other ingredients? This hasselback pumpkin with maple syrup and chili pepper , for example, is beautiful, and so is the hasselback zucchini.

By the way, you don’t just do hasselbacks because it looks nice: the indentations also allow the zucchini to absorb the marinade better. So that makes it even tastier.

Hasselback zucchini

> To the recipe:  Culy Homemade: Hasselback zucchini (a nice side dish!)

Fennel gratin with garlic cream

Potato gratin is so 2020; fennel gratin it’s all! The anise-like vegetable has appropriate Christmas  vibes , and you also immediately have your portion of vegetables.

And let’s be honest: in fact everything tastes better as a gratin. Add a little cream, a crispy top of melted cheese… Right.

Fennel gratin side dish for Christmas

> To the recipe:  Culy Homemade: fennel gratin with garlic cream

Salad with Jerusalem artichoke, kale and pomegranate

We complimented the red chicory salad with its (or her?) Christmasy colors, but this salad with kale and pomegranate can also have some! We make them with Jerusalem artichoke, a forgotten vegetable that we believe should return to the national memory.

The salad is also completely free of animal products. If there are vegans at the table during Christmas dinner, then you’re in good hands anyway (just check that they are not allergic to hazelnuts).

Winter salad with Jerusalem artichoke

> To the recipe:  Culy Homemade: winter salad with Jerusalem artichoke, kale and pomegranate

Mashed potatoes with 30 (!) garlic cloves

We conclude the list of side dishes for Christmas with another special potato dish: mashed potatoes. Sounds boring, but not anymore when you know that it contains 30 (thirty!) cloves of garlic. Not raw, but nicely fried, so that the puree is not as sharp as it might sound. But you might have to wait a little longer for the Christmas kiss…

Also a good trick: stir béchamel sauce through your puree. That really makes it creamier than if you add the butter and milk separately, yes. All in all a fantastic side dish for Christmas. At the table!

Mashed potatoes with 30 cloves of garlic

> To the recipe:  Culy Homemade: mashed potatoes with 30 (!) cloves of garlic from Julia Child

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