For all your cooking inspiration: the tastiest seasonal vegetables of April

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Anew month, a new range of seasonal vegetables. Seasonal vegetables are a great way to unite your heart for cooking and nature in the kitchen. With a lot of culinary love we have created a calendar with seasonal vegetables. This time: the seasonal vegetables of April.

Benefits of cooking with seasonal vegetables

Cooking with seasonal vegetables is always a good idea. First, seasonal vegetables are simply tastier than vegetables that are not grown in season. That’s because the vegetables are grown in optimal conditions and because they have to travel a lot less to our plate.

Second, seasonal vegetables are a sustainable choice . For example, if you want to grow strawberries in winter, you will have to imitate tropical conditions that cost a lot of (unnecessary) heat energy.

Finally, seasonal vegetables are a lot cheaper because of the limited energy needed to grow them.

Seasonal vegetables April

Reason enough, we think! For those who are completely convinced, we have listed the seasonal vegetables of April for you.


These classic tubers are coming into full season this month. That will continue for a few months, but you can already start making the perfect baked potatoes or the perfect potato gratin .

Prefer more refined dishes? Then try these fries with basil and Parmesan cheese (from the one and only Sergio Herman, yes) or grated potato rösti with saffron yogurt and red onion . We recently came up with a loaded baked potato with salmon, dill and cucumber . Also recommended!

loaded baked potato with smoked salmon and dill


Granted, endive may not have the sexiest image, but secretly nothing beats a good old stew with endive. We can recommend this one with black pudding, bacon and apple , just like this one with cod and mustard sauce .

Not much of a stew lover? No worries, you can do a lot more with endive. Try one of these delicious endive recipes .


If you’re craving these somewhat luxurious vegetables, April is an ideal month to prepare asparagus. To prepare the tastiest asparagus, it is best to cook them this way .

They are also delicious in a fresh entequiche with green peas and leeks (ideal for Easter brunch?), or covered with burrata and dukkah . So plenty of choice! And you get these 3 homemade sauces for white asparagus for free.

white asparagus with burrata


You can really do a lot with cauliflower. In Asian dishes it is ideal in curries (such as this spicy cauliflower curry with chickpeas ), in Italian cuisine you use it in pasta with cauliflower and walnuts and those who prefer it Dutch can go for this cauliflower puree with fried mushrooms and parsnip .

Handy: you can cook the most delicious cauliflower in no time . You’re welcome!


When you think of celery, you may immediately think of hearty main dishes. Did you think you can also make fresh apple-celery-mint ice creams ? Before you know it, the temperature rises to exotic values ​​again, and you’ll be glad you have these ice creams in your freezer.

Celery also comes into its own in this quinoa salad with pomegranate and hazelnut . And did you know that you can grow your own celery on the windowsill? It doesn’t get any better than that.


Are we glad it’s April! With mushrooms you can go in so many directions that it is difficult to choose what you want. Think of this mushroom soup with bread , this vegetarian pie with sweet potato and mushrooms , this stew with pork belly and bacon cubes or this bulgur with corn, mushrooms and country fowl .


We have known for some time that leeks do not have to be old-fashioned. You can boil or blanch leeks (recommended!), whatever you want. Delicious in this invigorating leek soup of fennel, apple and walnuts or in this creamy spaghetti with leek and mushrooms . Although our favorite recipe may still be this Thai fried rice with beef and leek – addictively delicious.

Thai fried rice
Source: Nancy van Batenburg for Culy

turnip greens

This super healthy vegetable is delicious in stews , with couscous or puree. In addition, they are also delicious raw in a salad (in small cubes) or as a vegetarian carpaccio with a fresh dressing. Turnip greens are also perfect for preserving .


Eat them raw as a snack or go wild with these surprising warm preparations of radishes . Radishes are top vegetables that taste great in fresh salads (such as this lamb’s lettuce with goat cheese and radish ), in Japanese sushi bowls or on a baked (sweet) potato . Yummyrrrr!


Beetroot: you either love it or you hate it. But by incorporating them into this crisp beetroot tortilla or using them as carpaccio for orange and goat cheese mousse, it’s easy to fall in love with this vegetable for good. Know how to prepare them? This is how you cook beets like a master. And have you seen this beetroot risotto with burrata? To fall in love with spontaneously…

Beetroot risotto with Burrata


We can no longer do without this Popeye vegetable at Culy. Recently we used spinach in this green shakshuka and in this casserole with sweet potato, spinach and minced meat. Did you know that you can also make Japanese chips with it? And for the Indian lovers, this saag paneer is a real must-try. We can go on like this for a while, but do experiment yourself with this healthy leafy vegetable.


Did you know that you can make a delicious side dish by roasting onions on the barbecue ? (No, it’s never too early to dust off your grill). And that sweet onion jam is really very tasty and seems to work against heartbreak? If we couldn’t surprise you with this already, try this amazing cheese-onion bread , because this taste explosion will make everyone fall off their chair.


Finally, chicory shows off nicely in this list of seasonal vegetables. This is how you prepare chicory best (so tasty that even children love it!) as a side dish, but you can also use it in a chicory dish with ham and homemade cheese sauce or chicory soup with grilled scallops .

Et voilà , that way you immediately have enough inspiration for the month of April, right?

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