20 easy baking recipes to turn you into a master baker

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Baking can sometimes be quite intimidating because of the fine example of precision that comes with it. Sometimes it’s like higher mathematics: a gram of something too much and your baking comes out of the oven completely different than it was intended. Shame! Fortunately, it can also be done differently and we are happy to show you that. Choose one of these 20 easy baking recipes and you will instantly turn into a true master baker.

Basic recipes to bake like a pro

As the saying goes, “poop before baking” so we’ll start at the beginning. Because how handy it is to have mastered a number of basic recipes – or at least within reach – before you get started. It’s not that you don’t bake anything without these recipes, but we start with the basics. And therefore a basic recipe for sponge cake dough , classic madeleines , sweet dough and , as icing on the cake , pastry cream .

Did you save them? Then preheat your oven. Let’s get started with 20 easy baking recipes.

1. Pavlova

Everyone’s friend among the baking recipes is surely pavlova. Okay, we have to be honest, it’s not  your classic  apple pie or brownie of course , but it does involve an oven. And so it gets the crown “baking recipe.”

A pavlova does well as an impressive dessert. Top it with fresh seasonal fruit or go for these banoffee pavlovas with ready-made (we love that) salted caramel. Guaranteed success after your dinner or just as a sweet snack.

easiest fall recipes

2. Cheesecake

When you say cheesecake, you say sweet delicacy that tastes bite for bite like you’re sinking your teeth into a soft, velvety cloud. Sold? we get it.

Cheesecake comes in many shapes and sizes. One thing is certain: it is (almost) always easy to make. Do you now want to go for ultra  easy? Then take this cheesecake plate cake with raspberries and ready-made bottom out of your oven.

Do you have more time to spend? Then we have the ultimate New York cheesecake recipe for you. We stole the recipe from chef Harriet from STEK a few years ago and we are still delighted with it to this day.


3. Jamie Oliver’s super easy chocolate cake

We admit: this cake may look quite impressive. Two-layer, a  cool  looking filling of fruit and a cream. Do you already have your hands in your hair? Do not panic. Jamie Oliver proves once again that chocolate cake is the lifesaver with this foolproof  recipe.

Does someone need to be comforted, is there something to celebrate or do you just feel like chocolate cake ( do we need to say more) : this easy chocolate cake will undoubtedly become your new showpiece.

Jamie Oliver chocolate cake

4. Syrup cakes, but better

You probably also have the  craving  for syrup cakes, after which you succumb to a bag of chewy, white  kekskes in the store. That is now a thing of the past, because making your own syrup cakes is actually very easy!

We saw it for the first time in Binnenstebuiten (tip for foodies because the program has nice items about food and drinks) and we have been sold out ever since. But there’s a little extra for your cookie jar. Then you can take it out when you’re hungry again instead of the soggy supermarket bag.

Make your own syrup cakes

5. Salted Caramel Cake

Hannesen with hot sugar and junk all the way to the baseboards. No, making your own caramel is not child’s play yet. Fortunately, you don’t have to make caramel for this salted caramel cake! Adding condensed milk and salty butter to your batter will give you that divine salted caramel flavor. But without hassle. We love that!

Easy salted caramel cake with condensed milk

6. Classic butter cake from Cees Holtkamp

Another classic that used to be on grandma’s table. We understand that all too well, because this creamy topper has everything you want. It is not soggy, but slightly crispy  at the edges. And thanks to that professional pattern that you can easily push in with a fork, this butter cake looks immediately ready to pass through a ring.

7. Easy Pecan Pie

We always say a resounding “yes!” to pecans. Especially if it turns out that you only need five ingredients for this cake. Go to the supermarket and bake. This easy pecan pie is the foolproof  recipe for a creamy, buttery, golden brown pie. Do we have to continue?

easy pecan pie

8. Scones

Imagine this: Sunday morning, the outside door open and you either just have breakfast in the morning sun or at the cosily set kitchen table. Yes, with scones on the table you immediately feel like a British lady. 

Did you know that making scones is actually super easy? Even more convenient: you can easily freeze the baked scones and bake them again. Add jam and clotted cream and you start every Sunday lady-like in style.

9. Super simple goat’s leg pie

“Do you also have goat’s feet? That will be difficult.” Walking difficult or not, this easy goat’s leg pie is on the table in no time. Despite not using an oven (hallelujah on hot days), it still gets an honorable place in this easy baking recipe list. Because goats’ feet and a lawyer, that’s like… Well, simply indispensable.

10. Easy oatmeal cookies for breakfast

The saying “Every pound goes through the mouth” does not apply to these cookies. These easy oatmeal cookies with pecan and coconut hold up perfectly next to your first cup of coffee in the morning. In addition, you can easily take these breakfast cookies with you, they are vegan and healthy too. Truly a breakfast for champions  .

Oatmeal cookies breakfast

11. Quick and easy XXL pink cake

A pink cake, but gigantic and super easy. Could life be more beautiful? You can put this big pink friend on the table within an hour, but it will probably be finished again within that time. It’s big, sweet and no artificial coloring is used. See, now that’s an easy baking recipe that we love.

XXL pink cake

12. Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

These peanut butter cookies are easy, super tasty and are a hit with (almost) everyone. Unless you don’t like peanut butter, but is that possible? Be careful not to eat all the batter before the cookies go into the oven.

13. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

The list of easy baking recipes is of course not complete without the  all time favorite of the Culy editors: the chocolate chip cookie. And although we at the editors sometimes get a little too happy with butter, we can also do without it. We didn’t even miss it in this vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe!

Want to take your cookie  to the next level? With the tricks for the perfect chocolate chip cookie you will certainly succeed.

vegan chocolate chip cookies

 14. Coconut macaroons with only two ingredients

When we say easy baking recipes, we really say: easy baking recipes. Making coconut macaroons with only two ingredients, for example. Child can do the laundry!

An added bonus is that these tropical surprises are ready in 15 minutes. They are therefore completely  craving-proof because you have them on the table in no time. Or already in your mouth.

15. Perfect fudgy brownies

It should of course not be missing from this list: the brownie. But sometimes it is still quite difficult to prepare these dark chocolate pads properly. Sometimes too dry, sometimes too sticky. That is past tense! Because from now on you can bake the perfect fudgy brownies in five steps.

16. Blondes

If mr. Brown should not be missing, then Mrs. Blond, of course, does not escape the dance. The brownie’s sister, but without chocolate. How about an easy variant with peanut butter and pecans?

Blondies with peanut butter

17. Easy Cinnamon Bread

If there’s anything intimidating and ‘scary’ about the baking world, it’s baking bread. Because as soon as yeast is involved, that is actually always an omen of moth in the pot. Too wet, not risen enough: you know.

In this easy recipe, you put everything together in a large bowl and let nature (and your warm kitchen) do its work. All you have to do is wait and then eat. Well, someone has to do it.

Pull separate cinnamon bread

18. Cobbler

Crumble, but different. This is the best way to describe the cobbler. It is a dessert made from warm fruit with a crispy, biscuit-like crust. That will make your mouth water. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to make either. How about this recipe for the real American fruit cobbler. From, who else can do it, Martha Stewart  herself. 

strawberry cobbler with pimm's

19. Banana Bread

Tropical, easy and the pandemic classic of 2020 and 2021: the banana bread is back. And luckily the baking hype is very easy to make this time. Do you dive into the kitchen? Then first read this article in which we give you extra tips for pouring a blast of banana bread out of your baking tin.

Banana bread making tips

20. Lemon yogurt cake

It’s fresh, it’s citrusy and it looks great too. The raspberries and lemon go perfectly together with the nice thick layer of frosting that you can pour over it afterwards. This cake is the easy eye-catcher on the table after your summer dinner. Did we mention it’s delicious?

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