10 x Portuguese delicacies that all deserve a place in your suitcase

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It is of course nice to receive a magnet of Portuguese tiles. Or a postcard of the bridge in Porto or the tram in Lisbon. It is even more fun to bring Portuguese delicacies for your culinary friends, family members or just for yourself. At least you have something to do with that at home. Culy has listed the 10 best culinary souvenirs from Portugal for you.

10 x Portuguese delicacies as souvenirs

Make sure to make room in your suitcase!

1. Canned Fish

We admit: nowadays we are also quite blessed in the Netherlands with excellent canned fish in the supermarket. Yet they are much better at it in Southern Europe. The sardines, anchovies and other types of fish are not only an enrichment for your interior in those cool cans, but the flavors are also much better. Whether that’s because of the colorful designs or the southern European sun rays, we don’t know.

2. Piri piri

Anyone who indulges in a delicious chicken piri piri knows how difficult it is to find the really good piri piri herbs. That is why it should certainly not be missing from this list of culinary souvenirs. There is only one country where they know how the piri piri herbs are put together and that is the country of origin: Portugal. So don’t forget to put a bag – or two – in your suitcase so you can prepare a tasty chicken at home!

3. Vinho verde

We know the Chardonnay, the Pinot Grigio and the Sauvignon, but were you already familiar with the Portuguese vinho verde ? This green wine (usually very light green) has a fresh acidity with fruity notes, because the grapes are harvested early and the winemakers use a special method.

The fresh grape juice first ferments in an open stone vat, after which the wine is stored in barrels. Because fermentation still takes place in those barrels, carbon dioxide is released. This ensures that tasty, but oh so subtle bubble in the vinho verde.


4. Sal verde

Perhaps a slightly lesser-known one on the list, but definitely one not to be missed. On your holiday in Portugal you must have encountered old ladies along the road who sell their freshly harvested fruit and vegetables. They usually also have a large thyme bush next to them on which white flowers grow. We call those flowers sal verde ( also called green salt) and come from the white thyme bush.

Buy the herbs fresh from the sellers and make a tasty salad with them on your holiday, or buy the sal verde dried in the supermarket, at a specialty store or if you’re lucky also at a selling lady along the road! Ideal to take with you.

5. Salt

It’s not that they necessarily have different herbs and spices in Portugal than in the Netherlands, but some things are a bit better now. Like the Portuguese salt, or flor de sal. There are several reasons why you should put a few jars of flor de sal (flowers of the salt) in your suitcase, but the most important one is perhaps because the salt is just so delicious.

6. Olive oil

It seems as if every basic kitchen product tastes better when the sun shines on it. That is why we often fill our kitchen cupboards with Mediterranean (olive) oils in authentic jugs or tins.

Also from Portugal such a jug of olive oil should not be missing. Because here too the sun shines just a bit better on those olives than it does at the local super neighbor. And even if it wasn’t: such a kek jug also looks very nice in your kitchen, doesn’t it?

7. Port

If you go to Portugal and certainly to Porto, there is of course only one thing to take back: a good, large bottle of Port. Make sure to check whether it can be returned in your luggage, of course. If you first take a tour of one of the wine cellars of a Port farmer, then have some tasting glasses poured into you and eventually leave the building with too many bottles. Because that’s exactly what always happens at an alcohol tasting, isn’t it?

8. Tomato Jam

We hear you thinking, tomato jam?! Yes. Where tomatoes are seen as a vegetable almost all over the world – despite fierce discussions – the Portuguese sometimes see them as sweet fruit. They even make jam out of it! A bright red jam of tomatoes, lemon and cinnamon is delicious on toast or with a piece of Portuguese cheese. It takes some getting used to, but once you’ve tasted the tomato jam, it will be on your list of culinary souvenirs from Portugal every trip.

In addition to tomato jam, the Portuguese are known for all kinds of tasty, special ‘jams’. The jam house Meia Dúzia knows what to do with those boiled-down vegetables and fruit. When you see the tubes, you would think this is a cream for fluffy hands, but be careful: it is real jam.

9. Cherry liqueur ginjinha

Like Italy has the limoncello, Portugal has the ginjinha : a cherry liqueur that is mainly drunk as a digestive. Do not expect a sweet liqueur such as the amarena syrup with a dash of alcohol. Because the ginjinha is a sour cherry liqueur that refreshes nicely after a meal. You can then explore the streets (and stairs) of Lisbon.

Fun fact : many old grannies brew this liqueur themselves (what is it with grannies and liqueur?). Especially in the Alfama district in Lisbon, the ladies have a trade in ginjinha. Just from their windows.

10. Pasteis de Nata

You’ve probably been waiting for it, because you simply won’t leave Portugal without a good load of pastéis de nata in your suitcase or trunk. You can get this delicious cream cake all over Portugal, but the owners of the Lisbon bakery Belém keep the official recipe to themselves.

The pastéis de nata are also called pastéis de belém, after the bakery. Take a box of 6 or 12 for home (or for on the road) and keep that holiday feeling a little longer!

More Portuguese delicacies

There are of course many more Portuguese delicacies to take home. For example, how about:

  • Chocolate sardines: no fish taste, but the cool can
  • Olives: look for the Galega or Cobrancosa olives for the best flavor bombs
  • Bacalhau : cod that is brined and dried, so you can take it home with you
  • Sheep and goat cheese: these cheeses have significantly more flavor than our mild sheep and goat cheeses
  • Tableware: colorful ceramics with the most beautiful designs
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Coffee capsules: from, for example, Delta and Nicola
  • Bouillon cube in the taste Alho & Coentras and Alho & Salsa
  • portuguese gin
  • Mayonnaise from supermarket Pingo Doce
  • Shopping bags at the checkout of large supermarkets: colorful and handy for all your Portuguese delicacies

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