What Happened When I Stopped Eating Meat

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About 1 ½ years ago I stopped eating meat completely. What did this mean for LeukRecepten, would I lose visitors because of this? Did this affect my body? And what did I run into?

Did I stop eating meat in 1 x? 

I had agreed with myself to eat meat only 1 day a week on January 1, 2020. Before that I didn’t eat meat very often, but with the idea that it is better for the environment, animal welfare and myself, I thought that was a good resolution. I soon noticed that I didn’t miss the meat at all and I didn’t eat meat for a few weeks in a row without thinking about it. There are so many tasty vegetarian alternatives. So when that became so easy, I immediately switched to completely vegetarian food, with the exception of the occasional piece of fish.

And what about LeukRecepten? 

One of the questions I struggled with a bit is how I was going to apply this to LeukRecepten. Because might I now lose followers or visitors who still like to eat a piece of meat? And wouldn’t I be able to make some recipes anymore? I have to say that in the end this was quite easy. Nowadays you have quite a lot of good meat substitutes. So, for example, if I made a Turkish Durum or stuffed zucchini with minced meator a burger I used a vegan version. You hardly see (and taste) this and in the recipe I put (vegan) minced meat, for example. So people can choose for themselves. Moreover, there are a lot of recipes with meat on the site. And the number of visitors has only increased recently! I also canceled 2 requests for a collaboration for a product with meat, but that is my own choice and luckily I also have other nice collaborations.

What Happened to My Body When I Stopped Eating Meat? 

I was a bit afraid of a vitamin b12 deficiency. I used to be a vegetarian for a few years as a child and at one point I got sick and tired quickly, but that was also because I didn’t eat any substitutes or supplements. I or my parents didn’t know much about that at the time.

Luckily I don’t have any problems now. I take a vitamin pill for vitamin B12 about twice a week and often eat ingredients such as eggs, tempeh, legumes, nuts, yogurt, etc. And many meat substitutes also contain added vitamins, iron and proteins. Read more about this in my blog: 5 ways to replace meat.

I have to say that stopping eating meat actually has a positive effect on my body (and also my mind). I used to have more problems with my stomach and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and that is a lot less. This can of course differ per person. But actually our body is not suitable for eating (a lot of) meat and dairy. Carnivores and omivores (meat and plant) have a smooth short colon to digest meat quickly, that of humans is long and uneven. Our flat teeth are also more suitable for eating plants. And I haven’t even mentioned the effects of meat production on the climate. Also check the resources below to read more about it. It’s a very interesting topic!


Don’t you miss the meat? 

Not in principle. It helped that I didn’t eat much meat already. I was a bit afraid that I would have to miss my beloved bitterbal, but nowadays there are really good vegetarian substitutes such as Mora and Kwekkeboom. Something I really liked but no substitute for is pata negra ham and parma ham. But I take that for granted and I’m willing to do it. I also regularly replace my dairy with a vegetable variant and I am consciously working on this.

And what about Eric? 

My husband Eric who eats vegetarian at home. I almost always cook so he has no choice, haha ​​no he doesn’t mind at all. Sometimes when we go out for dinner he grabs a steak or something. He likes many meat substitutes very much, so he was afraid that we would never eat his beloved shoarma sandwich at home again. But you have a very tasty vega shawarma from Vivera that he finds even better than the ‘real’. And sometimes he doesn’t believe that something is vegan. Like this vegan moussaka .

And what about eating out as a vegetarian? 

Nowadays there is a vegetarian dish on every menu at a restaurant. And I notice that more and more are being added and that they are also being experimented with. At first there was often only a vegetable tart (which is also delicious) on the menu, but nowadays fun and surprising dishes are added. For example, I recently ate a breaded grilled bell pepper or a couscous salad with fried cauliflower. There are also restaurants where you can eat completely vegan. Especially in the big cities they pop out of the ground like mushrooms.

And when people come to our house for dinner, I like to show you how delicious you can eat vegetarian and that is always well received. I also hosted a BBQ at home without meat 2 weeks ago and it went very well. And the visitors liked everything very much! Also check out my blog with vegetarian BBQ recipes . What I sometimes find difficult is when I eat at someone else’s and then indicate that I eat vegetarian because then it feels like you are giving someone a ‘problem’. But luckily there is a lot of understanding and many people in my area also regularly eat vegetarian.


I am very happy with the decision to go vegetarian. It’s really not that hard and it’s really tasty! I don’t miss the meat and if I want to make something I use a meat substitute, about 1 or 2 times a week. We often eat vegetarian pasta, oriental stir-fry with fried tofu or tempeh, shakshuka with egg, curry or Mexican wraps with beans and vegetables.

I am a huge animal lover and noticed that I had more and more trouble eating meat. And also the impact on the climate. Now I can enjoy tasty vegetarian food even more and I hope to inspire you with my recipes. And this blog is not meant to make everyone vegetarian, but I wanted to share my story and experience and show what the possibilities are. And if you also want to eat less meat, even if it is 1 or 2 days a week less, that would be great. So it’s very easy and delicious!

Do you often eat vegetarian or do you have a comment? Then leave it in a comment.

Sources and more info 

I recently read the book ‘ Once we ate animals ‘ by Roanne van Voorst. In this book, the author takes you from prehistoric man to a glimpse into the future. How we as humans have changed our diet and what impact this has on the world and also on ourselves. A must read for everyone!

I also watched the documentary The Game Changers on Netflix. Top athletes give a glimpse into their lives as vegans. Spoiler: those 2 things go very well together. A lot of background information is also shared about the effect of eating meat and dairy on your body.

There are also numerous vegetarian cookbooks available. I myself have the book Veg by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver also has an accessible book called Veg.

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