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I often get the question how we ever started the LeukRecepten site. Where did the idea come from and what was the motivation? So I thought it would be fun to tell this in a blog.

The idea originated almost 8 years ago. I then worked at a publishing house as a graphic designer and did the layout of various magazines there. Eric also worked there, that’s how we got to know each other. Because my work was only print, I also wanted to develop in the online part. This is how the idea arose to build a website yourself, because doing something in practice is often more effective than learning something from a book. Eric was already a bit further in this and we started working together.

But what was that website supposed to be about? Something you like Eric said, then it’s more fun to work on it. During that time I also started to develop myself more and more with cooking and in the culinary field. When I just left home I didn’t have that much experience in the kitchen and I didn’t like everything. Often it was the standard stuff I made, or I used a pack or bag. So when I started experimenting, I found that I really started to like it, and I got better and better at it. Eric and other table companions also became more and more enthusiastic about the dishes and I really liked hearing and seeing that. So I decided to create a food blog and bundle my own recipes.

But then we had to come up with a name, it was quite difficult because several URLs were already taken and no longer available. First we came up with ‘Cooking is Easy’, but then we came up with ‘Fun Recipes’. I thought this name suited me better because I want to show that cooking can really be fun, even with little effort and simple ingredients. And my recipes often had a nice twist that makes them slightly different from a standard meal, but not much more complicated.

When we started the site, Eric and I lived in his parents’ house. That is why I also cooked and worked from my in-laws’ kitchen for the first 2.5 years of LeukRecepten. Almost every Friday afternoon I made different dishes because then we would finish work at 3 pm. Fortunately my in-laws had a lot of patience because often we didn’t eat until 9 o’clock in the evening. Back then styling and shooting didn’t go as fast as now haha.

In November 2011 we went live with about 30 recipes. Eric, who also regularly did odd jobs as a photographer, took the pictures of the dishes. Food photography is quite a profession in its own right and he also started to delve into this. You can also clearly see this when you see old and new recipes side by side. I myself have also grown a lot, not only with cooking but also in the field of social media (when I started LeukRecepten I didn’t even have Hyves or Facebook), food styling, recipe development and business collaborations.

After working on the site almost every evening and weekend for about 2 years, we noticed a very large growth in the number of visitors and we were approached by a media agency, through which we also received income through banners and advertorials. And in early 2015, there was a moment I never thought would happen, I quit my job as a graphic designer and started working full-time for LeukRecepten. I found that very exciting! Because I also really liked my job, but it was no longer possible to combine it because LeukRecepten had grown into a full-time job. But luckily it still often feels like a hobby.

In the meantime, about 2 years ago, we moved to a house with an office space and studio, which allowed us to focus even more on LeukRecepten. Because we couldn’t get rid of all that crockery, surfaces and photography stuff and we really ran out of steam. It is quite bizarre when I type this and read back how it all went, but I am very happy how everything went and where I am now. Even if it wasn’t all roses and moonshine. There have also been moments and projects that went less well or that we stopped. But this also teaches you what you do and don’t want and can do.I have become wiser and blonder too 😉 But luckily a lot of beautiful and cool things and collaborations have come my way, such as the magazine, press trips and recipe developments for various brands such as Hero,

Sometimes I find it difficult to make a separation between work and private life, because it is very thin. Because of this it sometimes happened that I just kept going and was always ‘working’. If I added up all the hours that I was working on coming up with recipes, cooking, answering emails, collaborations and advertorials, blogging, social media, appointments, newsletters, recording and editing videos, you quickly arrived at 50 to 60 hours a week . Because your hobby has become your job, it didn’t feel like that, but secretly it is increasing. Fortunately, I have now found a better balance in this. I also notice this in the creativity of the recipes, when I have more peace and balance I often get more great ideas and inspiration than if I just keep going.Jaimy has also been cooking and bloggingfor us for over 2 years and helps Virtual Heroes with various online business. As a result, you still have a small team around you so that you can focus on things that are important and fun.

A question I also get regularly is whether I still have enough new ideas for my food blog. I certainly have enough of that, I have a list of about 800 ideas and recipes and a board on Pinterest that will keep me going for years to come. At least I hope I can keep doing this ‘work’ for a long time to come, and that’s why I’m so grateful for all visitors, fans and positive reactions to LeukRecepten.

PS: The site will have another update coming soon which will make it even more user-friendly, especially on mobile and some new categories and features. I’m curious what you will think about this.

Love Sandra

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