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In this blog you will find everything you need to know for making sushi. The recipe for sushi rice, different sushi variants and useful tips for making sushi yourself

Making fresh sushi yourself is not only very tasty, but also fun to do. To make tasty sushi yourself, it is important that you have a number of good ingredients at home. For example, the fish must be very fresh, then the sushi is by far the tastiest. In addition to fresh fish, good sushi rice is also very important. It should not be too dry, sticky and cooked properly.

There are different types of sushi:

  • Sashimi = Strips of raw fish
  • Maki Sushi = normal rolls
  • Nigiri Sushi = block of rice with pieces of fish on it
  • Temaki = cone of seaweed filled with rice and other ingredients
  • Uramaki = inside out roll

Preparation sushi rice

If you are going to make sushi yourself, start with the rice. You can also get these at many supermarkets these days, but make sure that sushi rice is stated on the packaging. You can succeed at any store in the area. Here’s what you need to make the sushi rice:

Sushi rice ingredients:
– 5 tbsp rice vinegar
– 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
– 500 gr sushi rice
– 1 liter water
– Pinch of salt
– Pinch of sugar

– Large wooden bowl to cool rice in (hangiri)
– Large pan to cook rice in
– Colander

It is important to start on time. The rice needs to cool completely after you cook it. The rice tastes best when you let it cool naturally. Ideally you cook the rice in the morning, then you can use it at the end of the afternoon to make sushi.
First we start by washing the rice. You can use a colander for this. Wash the rice until the water runs clear and comes off the rice. Let it drain well. Meanwhile, make a mixture of rice vinegar, wine vinegar, sugar and salt, which you briefly heat in the microwave. Mix everything well so that the sugar and salt are dissolved. There are also ready-made bottles of sushi vinegar available.
Now puT the rice in a pan and pour the water over it. In general, the following rule applies to sushi rice: for every cup of rice you add 1.5 cup of water. Now bring this to a boil and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Preferably with a lid on it. Keep an eye on the rice and taste it in between to see if it is already good. Then turn off the heat and let it steam for another 10 minutes with the lid on. The rice should be sticky and lumpy. Then put the rice in the wooden bowl and pour the cooled vinegar mixture over it and mix it well without breaking the rice. This is the general preparation, but this can of course differ per packaging. Now let the rice cool down and cover the sushi rice with a tea towel until you continue to make the sushi.

Preparing sushi

Sushi ingredients

1 pack of nori sheets of 10 pieces (seaweed sheets)
200 gr fresh raw tuna
200 gr fresh raw salmon
1 cucumber
Japanese pickle (also called Takuan and for sale at the toko)
100 gr surimi sticks
Roasted sesame seeds
1 avocado
Shrimps, fried or cooked
Other ingredients of your choice

For garnish:
Ginger Slices
Soy Sauce

You will need
Bamboo mat
Japanese sticks


  1. Avocado/mango: cut in half and turn around the pit. Then you get two nice halves from which you remove the skin. Cut the flesh into 1 cm strips.
  2. Cucumber: you can peel the cucumber or not, depending on your preference. Cut it into quarters and remove the seeds. Cut the cucumber into 1 cm slices as well.
  3. Japanese pickle; This is also long stretched and make sure you have thin bars of max 1 cm
  4. Tuna: If you use the tuna for the nigiri variety, it should be slightly longer and thicker, about 4 cm (l) by 1.5 cm (w). The tuna that you will use in the normal sushi rolls is about 1 cm thick.
  5. Salmon: The same applies to the salmon as to the tuna.
  6. Surimi sticks: you can also use the same dimensions for the surimi as for the tuna.

1. Making maki sushi (standard rolls)

The roles are slightly different. Prepare the bamboo mat for use. Place the nori sheet with the smooth side down and make sure you cover the sheet with the sushi rice. Make sure that you leave a space of about 1 cm, you will need this to close the roll again. Form the sliced ​​fish and other ingredients into a long horizontal row on the front of the slice of rice and begin to roll up gently. You can actually combine anything you like in a roll. You use the bamboo mat to roll so that you can hold it tightly and push it firmly while rolling. Due to the moisture in the rice, the nori will stick together well and the roll will no longer open. Then slice the rolls with a sharp knife.
My favorites I’ve made are:
  • Tuna and cucumber
  • Salmon and avocado
  • Egg, cucumber, avocado, Japanese pickle

2. Making vegetarian sushi

View the complete recipe for vegetarian sushi here

3. Making nigiri sushi (rice cubes with fish)

Now that you have everything prepared, the ‘real wake’ can begin. Grab a bowl of water for your hands, after all it is sticky rice, and have a plate ready on which you can put the rice for the nigiri. Wet your hands and grab a scoop of rice. You roll this smoothly in your palms until you can form a bit of a rectangle in it. You can do this by pressing your palms together. After you have made the cubes of rice for the nigiri, you can place the pieces of tuna, salmon and egg on top. The pieces of tuna and salmon fall smoothly over it, the egg does not. To make sure everything stays in place, tear or cut a small piece of nori sheet and wrap it around it. The moisture in the rice will make it stick, as you can see in the photo.

4. Making Uramaki Sushi (Roll Inside Out)

Another tasty variant are the inside out sushi rolls (uramaki). You start the same and cover your nori sheet with rice. Sprinkle it completely with roasted sesame seeds. Place a piece of cling film on top and then turn everything over so that the foil and rice are on the bamboo mat. You then place your desired ingredients on the nori sheet and roll the sushi roll exactly as close as you did with the normal roll. The roll I made in the picture is with surimi and cucumber. You can of course make many variations on this.
When you’ve made everything, you can start serving it. What you should never forget is the wasabi, soy sauce and ginger. You put these on the table in nice bowls, preferably 1 with each plate so that everyone has their own bowl. Everyone can then make their own soy sauce with wasabi.

5. Temaki sushi (cones)

View the complete recipe for temaki here

Tips for making vegetarian sushi

With tofu: for this you cut the slice of tofu into strips of about 1 cm and fry them briefly with some soy sauce in a pan and then let it cool down. Then process in the sushi.
With omelette: beat 4 eggs with 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon soy sauce and a pinch of salt. Bake 3 to 4 thin omelets and roll/fold them with a spatula and cut into long strips. Then use it in the sushi
With vegetables: use for example avocado, carrot, cucumber, radishes etc.

Practical tips:

  • Count on about 75 gr sushi rice per person
  • In many supermarkets you will also find a sushi kit, which contains the basic ingredients to make sushi yourself.
  • You can also make sweet fruit sushi for dessert
  • To complete a sushi dinner you can also serve a noodle soup or noodle soup in advance

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