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Every year on January 1, we have New Year’s Eve drinks with Eric’s family. And it gets bigger every year. There are now a lot of kids running and crawling around. So when I came up with snacks for this, I thought it would be fun to make something delicious for them too.

Because I’m not very creative with this and I don’t have kids myself, I went looking on Pinterest for nice treats. Of course the question then arises should these treats be healthy? Uhm, yes, of course I think it’s good to hand out something healthy, but a sweet every now and then should also be possible, so I made a mix of these. And the funny thing was that I thought everyone was going for bacon arrows, but the melon boats were the most popular and the fastest to sell.

I hope that with these treats I will give you great ideas for a children’s party, a treat for school or to make together on a Wednesday afternoon. Or look here for more children’s recipes .

bacon flare

1. Bacon flares


Bacon in diamond shape
Round bacon (marshmallows)
Licorice laces



Stick 2 or more round pieces of bacon on a skewer. Cut the bacon in half into triangles and pierce them on top of the skewer. Make a knot under the bacon with licorice laces as a wick and cut the strings to size. For example, serve them upright in a glass or cup.

Keep the bacon arrows covered with some plastic wrap.

This idea comes from: www.ladyemonade.nl

watermelon boats

2. Melon boats – 12 pieces

1 mini watermelon
12 grapes
12 black currants

12 flags
12 cocktail sticks

Cut the watermelon in quarters and then in thirds again so that you have 2 ‘boats’. Cut or spoon out some of the watery flesh into a round shape. Stick a grape on a skewer with a blueberry on top. Stick this ‘male’ on the melon boat. Then insert a flag on the other side. For example, serve them on a large blue plate.

Keep the boats in the fridge.

This idea comes from: www.traktatieblog.com

disco banana lollipop

3. Banana disco lollipops – 12 pieces

3 bananas
75 gr chocolate
Disco dip
Optional: lemon juice

Lollipop sticks
Piece of baking paper

Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or put it in a microwave-safe container and heat for 30 seconds each time until the chocolate has melted. Prepare a plate with the disco dip on a piece of baking paper. Cut the bananas into quarters and dip them halfway in the chocolate and drain well. Then pass through the disco dip. Place on the piece of parchment paper and let it harden. Sprinkle the top of the banana pieces with some lemon juice if you don’t immediately hand them out against discoloration. Stick a lollipop stick in it.

Keep the banana lollipops in the fridge.

This idea comes from beckylipp.blogspot.nl

dolphin fruit cup

4. Dolphin fruit cups – 4 pieces

4 bananas
1 bowl of grapes
1 bowl of blueberries

You will need
4 plastic cups

Cut a horizontal cut in the stem of the banana with a knife. Draw eyes on the banana with a marker. Put a berry in his ‘beak’. Place the banana dolphins in the cups and fill them with grapes and blueberries.

This idea comes from craftyrecipes.com

5. Gingerbread traffic lights – 8 pieces

4 slices of gingerbread
Smarties (red, orange and green)
1 tablespoon chocolate paste

8 straws or sticks

Cut the gingerbread slices in half so that you get 2 rectangular pieces. Carefully insert a straw or stick into the bottom. Put a little chocolate on one side of the smarties and stick it on the gingerbread as a traffic light.

Store the gingerbread traffic lights covered under plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out. Tip: put the traffic lights in a box and craft a road on it and/or add a toy car as a present.

This idea comes from: Levenmetliv.blogspot.nl

Source: Leukerecepten by leukerecepten-nl.
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