Bruschetta with avocado and ham

Must Try

A delicious combination of pesto, avocado, creamy ricotta and Parma ham on a crispy toasted bun.



Cut the bread into slices and brush lightly with a little olive oil.
Heat a griddle pan and fry the buns for 3 minutes per side until they begin to brown and crisp. You can also put them in the oven for a while.
Rub the buns lightly with a clove of garlic.
Mix the ricotta with the pesto.
Cut the avocado into small pieces and mix with the juice of the lime and a pinch of pepper.
Spread the pesto mixture on the buns and top with some avocado. Place a slice of Parma ham on each bun.
Tip: Only fill the bruschettas just in advance, otherwise the pesto mixture will soften them.
Bruschetta with avocado and ham
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