Carrying peachesGFGP functions as an aggregator and distributor of farm-fresh foods and natural-ingredient value-added foods within a 100-mile radius of Floyd.  Our main focus, as farmers ourselves and as aggregators, is to support these local businesses by maximizing sales of their fine products.

We passionately believe that the benefits of local sales contribute to the strengthening of regional small farm culture and economy, encourage viable preservation of farmland and open spaces, and foster sustainable farmer-consumer community relationships.

We also believe that a fairly reimbursed grower/producer is much more likely to be economically successful this year and therefore still in business next year—a basic tenant of true sustainability!

The demand for local products has never been stronger, and GFGP has been developing diverse regional retail and wholesale outlets for more than a decade.  Serious producers and growers, please call Tenley at 540-597-2582 or email LocaMotive10@gmail.com or to discuss marketing your farm-fresh and locally-produced foods through our distribution network.

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