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Winter Share: Variety, Variety, Variety!

The 2016 Winter Share is upon us! Many have already signed up for this exclusive Winter farm share program that offers local, farm produced food during a time of the year where it is often very difficult to find such foods.  While fresh veggies and fruits will be a bit less abundant, we still do […]

Time for Picnics, Parties, Canning and Freezing!

  Here at GFGP, our Virtual Market (A La Carte) has everything you need, whether you’re playin’ or puttin’ up! So we wanted to take some time to truly tell you how simple, easy and fast this online produce market is. A La Cartet is a super-convenient pre-order system, with 35 pages of local foods […]

A La Carte Community Update

Summertime and the livin’ is TASTY!! As schools wrap up their classes, don’t we all eye the freedom ahead for a welcome breath of fresh air to our harried schedules!!  What’s a better thing to do than spend a little rejuvenate kitchen-time with some delicious fresh local foods, and/or some social time with friends and […]

May 16th-17th A La Carte

MUY IMPORTANTE!!  Please welcome our new 2016 administrative staff and stock pickers with clarity about your requests, most importantly by using stock numbers for all items.  Sorry, but we can no longer accept orders without complete stock number information, as well as a brief description of the item in words.  Cut ‘n’ paste works great […]

“Know where your food comes from in our 2016 LOCAL CSA FarmShares” Volume 2

Last week, we took a look at some of GFGP’s proud farmers who work their butts off to provide amazing local and organic food for all who order from GFGP.  Here are 4 more farms and suppliers that you may be interested in learning more of.   Renno Farm- A cabinet maker gone farmer, Noah […]