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You can sign up now for our Winter CSA FarmShare!

Love getting a box of delicious produce every week? The Winter FarmShare allows you to extend your enjoyment of GFGP FarmShares into the crisp, cool days of Fall and early Winter. Shares are offered on Tuesdays from November 4th until December 30th and can be picked up in Roanoke, Blacksburg or Floyd.

And now we are offering a Gluten-Free option and a Meat-Free Option!100_0272

Approximately 60% of your share will be local fresh vegetables & fruits:

  • Head lettuces & salad greens
  • Winter squashes – many flavors!
  • Cabbage, broccoli & cole crops
  • Many types of potatoes, sweet potatoes & onions
  • Wide variety of apples & Asian pears
  • Root vegetables – carrots, beets & more
  • Cooking greens – kales & collards
  • Greenhouse tomatoes & cucumbers

Approximately 25% of your share will be local hand-crafted foods:

  • A variety of cheeses
  • Grass-pastured meats
  • Baked treats & deli items
  • Jams & fruit butters
  • Honey & maple syrup
  • Pickles & relishes
  • Fermented foods
  • Fresh pasta & pizza dough
  • Many other delicious local foods

About 13% of your share will be one dozen per week of Weathertop Farm XL brown eggs from pastured poultry.

 And a few surprises!


You can sign up three ways:

  1. Click the online registration icon labeled “WinterShare” below to sign up online. *If you prefer a gluten-free or meat-free option you must contact our office ( or (540) 745-4347 ext. 3) to specify your choice.
  2. Print the PDF of our sign-up form (2014 Wintershare Registration Flyer) and A) mail it and your payment to our office: 320 Fork Dr., Floyd, VA 24091 or B) bring it to one of our 7 farmers markets and turn your form and payment into the vendor. You may pay by check or cash at any market and by credit card at specific markets: Greenbriar Nursery Market, West End Community Market, Grandin Village Community Market, Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital Share Dropsite, and YMCA Thrift Store Farmers Table (Click here for a list of our markets).
  3. Call our office (540) 745- 47347 ext. 3 and pay by credit card.

2014 Wintershare Registration Flyer

Please see share descriptions and FAQs below – keep scrolling down!  Click here to better view the Pickup Location Choices for 2014.  If you have any questions please email or call (540) 745-4347 ext. 3.

Winter Loyalist Share: This all-farm share features fresh & storage vegetables, fresh & preserved fruits, fresh eggs, and many hand-crafted food items from local food producers. Enjoy 8 weekly deliveries from the beginning of November through the end of December with 1 optional vacation day.  If you choose the gluten-free variation, your box will still contain all the same fresh produce, eggs, honey, jam, cheese and so on as described in our original information, but on weeks when an item containing gluten appears in the list we will substitute another item of similar value at our discretion.  The meat-free option will work the same way.  Over the course of the two-month season gluten and meat items only appear about 2 – 3 times each.  We will do our best not to duplicate the substitutions, choosing from our large variety of preserved, frozen and fresh foods at our discretion.  Sorry but we can only honor one option (meat-free or gluten-free but not both) in order to present you with a varied share box. Sorry we cannot do a vegan box; the meat-free version will still contain eggs and cheeses.  The price of the share does not change regardless of the option you choose. You may purchase this share online, by mail, or in person.  To purchase the WinterShare online click here:  Purchase for $310.00

Fresh Vegetable Share, The Visionary: Features 40+ varieties of fresh seasonal garden vegetables and culinary herbs, 95% of which are organic or biologically-grown.  This share is designed for households who love lots of vegetables and who want to prepare meals at home many days of the week.  The larger of the two veggie shares sizes.  One box every week through mid-October, average of $26 retail value per week.  Please see the “Harvest Chart” below to find out which vegetables might be in your box throughout the season.

Fresh Vegetable Share, The Advocate: A smaller box size with a more basic selection of staple veggies & herbs, the majority of which are organic or biologically-grown.  This share is designed for smaller households, or less-adventurous veggie eaters, or folks who eat out more often or travel.  One box every week through mid-October, average of $19 retail value per week.  Please see the “Harvest Chart” below to find out which vegetables might be in your box throughout the season.

Fresh Fruit Share: The Fruit Fan: Features fresh strawberries, cherries, various bush berries, peaches, pears and Asian pears, various melons, and many types of apples.   One box every week through mid-October with 2 optional vacation days, average of $15 retail value per week.  Please see the “Harvest Chart” below to find out which fruits might be in your box throughout the season.

Fresh Pastured Egg Share: The Egg Enthusiast: Features Weathertop Farm’s Extra Large Brown Eggs from truly free-ranging grass-pastured poultry! “Best Eggs Known to Mankind.” One dozen eggs per week through mid-October with 2 optional vacation days.


Please feel free to email us at or call us at 540-745-4347 x3 if you have questions.


What is your seasonal delivery schedule?
The Veggie Visionary & The Veggie Advocate: Main Season Chapter All-Veggie Share:
Tuesdays, Thursdays OR Saturdays, through mid-October
The Fruit Fan: Main Season Chapter All-Fruit Share:
Tuesdays, Thursdays OR Saturdays, through mid-October
The Egg Enthusiast: Main season Chapter All-Egg Share:
Tuesdays, Thursdays OR Saturdays, through mid-October
The Winter Loyalist: Winter Chapter All-Farm Share:
Tuesdays, November 4 through December 30 (you purchase 8 out of 9 weeks*)
*See: “How many vacation days can I take?” below.
What are the GFGP office hours?
Your Farm Shares Coordinator is in the office in Floyd on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from about 7 am to 3 pm, year ‘round. Messages for the FarmShares program may be left any day of the week at any time, but timely responses should only be expected during the aforementioned work hours. The best ways to communicate are email and phone 540-745-4347 ext. 3.
Do I have to register and pay for the whole year all at once?
You may, but it is not required. We have two distinct “seasonal chapters” of shares, so if you are signing up for two different seasons you may pay in one pre-season lump sum if you wish. You must pay for each share chapter prior beginning your deliveries.
  • Winter Farm Shares begin November 4th – payments due by October 28th.

If your shares total $1200 or more (before registration fee, packaging deposit, or additional charges), AND you are paying in one lump sum, please take $25 off your total payment. Thanks for your commitment!

Why do I have to prepay?

FarmShares are based on a season-long commitment to our growers to support their farming efforts with a reliable market. Your financial commitment at the beginning of the season allows growers to better plan their production and harvest schedules for a predictable outlet. We offer interest-free micro loans to small farms that will be growing for these shares, payable in produce, as an effort to help them begin their season without debt. In this way, our pre-paid committed base of FarmSharers greatly helps reduce the financial uncertainty of agricultural livelihood, which means that more of our growers may be successful and want to continue growing your food next year. True sustainability = Win-Win!!

Can I pay for a share in installments?   ( This option is not yet available using Paypal)

All share payments must be complete before the beginning of each new chapter. For the Partial-Season Shares you must pre-pay all at once, and we must receive your payment and completed registration form during the range indicate in green above prior to starting your deliveries.  

In the January – April Registration Period, we allow two partial payments.   We prefer that you pay for the entire season all at once, because it reduces our administrative burden. However, we are aware that this may cause a financial hardship and we want to accommodate customers of all economic levels insofar as possible. Here’s how it works:

Upon registration, please pay 50% of the value of your total share choices, plus both the full non-refundable registration ($10) and payment plan fees (additional $15 to cover extra office work).

Payment #2 (the remaining 50% of your share value) must be paid at your convenience in one single other installment, to be received by GFGP no later than the published deadline for share payments of that particular chapter above.

No shares will be delivered until the entire season balance is paid in full. Incomplete payments will be returned and the share offered to someone on our waiting list. Refunds for any reason will be made for only the share cost. Registration and payment plan fees are non-refundable.

What type of payments do you accept?

We take checks by mail, or check, cash or credit card in person at most of our market locations. Make checks payable to Good Food-Good People and mail to: GFGP, 320 Fork Dr., Floyd, VA 24091. Bring cash payments or checks to a vendor at any of our market tables (see Farmer’s Market section for locations and times) or to the Greens Garage in Floyd. Pay by credit card at all our Roanoke locations and our YMCA Blacksburg market location. We pass along the 3% credit card fee charged by the card companies to you if you choose this payment method.

How will GFGP communicate with me?

Email is our primary method of communication. Every week we will send you an email the day before your share delivery. It will include a list of items to expect in your box the next day, grower stories, crop information, and recipes. We especially try to include recipes and tips for the unusual items in your box. Please read your emails! We sometimes need to communicate a schedule change, or an urgent message. We’ll try to keep the volume of email messages to a minimum. If you do not have email, please inform us and we will call you with any emergency messages.

How much food will be in my share?

Because we cannot imagine the relationship your household has with fresh vegetables or fruits, we cannot accurately state how many folks can be fed by our share quantities. Do you like veggies a LOT or a little; will your two eaters consume our fruit faster or slower than an “average” household of four?? Do you cook elaborately with fruits and veggies, put up canned or frozen products, or just use fresh foods simply with little preparation? At the rate of voracity seen in our produce-loving household, we expect our weekly GFGP Veggie Advocate and Fruit Shares may feed 2-4 folks.

Likewise, weight can be misleading as a measurement of what quantity will be in your share. How does the weight of salad mix compare with that of butternut squash? How does three pounds of pricey cherries compare with three pounds of inexpensive apples? Springtime shares will be light with fresh greens, fall shares will be heavy with storage crops, their values reflective much more of the labor involved with the crop harvest than its weight.

Our boxes will be composed of a large variety of vegetables and fruits chosen for their peak season flavor, so the weekly boxes will be different as we roll through the growing year. Our main quantity guideline is the retail value of each box, which may vary slightly throughout the season depending on which produce is available. We guarantee that we will return your full share value to you by the end of the season, with the highest quality and greatest variety that we, the farmers, and Mother Nature can muster.

What items can I expect throughout the seasons?

Please see the Estimated Harvest Chart above. This will give you a general idea of when we expect which crops. However, changes in weather such as an early spring, an exceptionally hot summer, wind, hail storms, heavy rains or any extreme conditions will almost certainly prove us wrong some of the time, so flexibility of your expectations is required!

How should I store my share once I pick it up?

Be careful to not leave your share in a hot car or in the sun. This can ruin salad greens, encourages mold growth, and will reduce the life of your fresh produce. Highly perishable products should be refrigerated immediately, especially eggs, berries, salad mixes and lettuces, greens, scallions or any other fresh-picked fruit or vegetable. Keep any produce that will desiccate (dry out) in a plastic bag, especially if it is refrigerated.

Tomatoes and peaches do NOT like to be refrigerated – it compromises their texture and flavor. Potatoes can be kept out of refrigeration, in a dark, cool place. Winter squashes and yams will store long periods of time at standard room temperature, as long as they are kept dry. Use the more fresh and perishable items within a few days of your pick up for best quality, flavor and nutrition. Additional produce handling tips will be provided in your newsletter.

What happens if I don’t pick up my share before my dropsite closes?

Our market staff is expected to leave Full Serve drop sites promptly at the end of the scheduled pickup time. QuickStop hosts will lock up their facilities after their agreed closing hour. Share boxes will not be available later than site closing time nor the following day. If you cannot fulfill your pick-up time obligation, please send a friend to claim your share— please do not call your drop site host nor ask special favors of them. We thank you for honoring your host’s kindness and our market schedules with timely and courteous pick-up.

Shares that are unclaimed by a site’s closing time will be disposed of at the hosts’ discretion, in many cases donated to charitable causes. This may be Plenty! of Floyd, an organization that distributes food to struggling households, or it may be our staff or our site host to be used at their discretion. Your leftover share will not be wasted, but it will also not be available to you after closing time. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but we do not have room to keep leftover shares in our coolers for you to pick up later. They will be donated before returning home to our facility.

Please make sure that the pickup location and times work for you before making the commitment to purchase a Farm Share. If you do have an unexpected emergency on pickup day, feel free to send a friend, co-worker or neighbor to pick it up in time, and share the bounty with them!

How many vacation days can I take?

  • Fruit Share: 2 vacation days
  • Veggie Visionary and Advocate: 2 vacation days
  • Egg Enthusiast: 2 vacation days 
  • Winter Farm Share: 1 vacation day (you purchase 8 out of 9 delivery weeks)

In order to accommodate vacations, we extend our share delivery schedule for one (Winter shares) or two (Main Season shares) deliveries more than the number of shares you have purchased. The extra weeks are to allow (not require) you to take a vacation(s) without losing the value of your missed share. The extra day(s) delivery will enable you to receive make-up shares and recoup the full value of your season investment. We cannot accommodate more vacations than each chapter schedule already allows.

If you have multiple shares at once during our Main Season chapter, your vacation cancellation covers all shares delivered on that day. For example, if you request a vacation day from your veggie share, your fruit share for that day will not be delivered. Separating shareholders’ orders gets too complicated for us to track, and we do not want to make errors in your food deliveries.

How much notice must I give for vacations days, and why?

A minimum notification before our delivery day is necessary to cancel your share for a vacation day. (If you receive your shares on Tuesday, we need to receive your vacation request no later than Friday at 3:00 PM; Thursday sharers must cancel no later than Monday 3:00 pm; Saturday sharers must cancel no later than Wednesday at 3:00 PM.)

Because GFGP farmer suppliers custom-harvest the contents of your share specifically for your box, we need to know how many folks will be receiving fresh deliveries each particular day. It is essential to have timely notice of your absence since your growers need three days prep time to communicate with us, harvest, pack and deliver. Late notice of vacations results in wasted items that were in the pipeline for your personal box, resulting in a loss to the farmer or to GFGP. For this reason, we cannot honor vacation requests after the three-day notification deadline. Please feel free to call or email us at any time about your long-range vacation plans so that we have your cancellation request on file well ahead of our deadlines.

What is the difference between the Veggie Visionary and the Veggie Advocate?

The Veggie Visionary is the classic VeggieShare from GFGP, chock-full of a cornucopia of fresh seasonal veggies and culinary herbs. It features a weekly average of $26/box filled with plenty of staple crops, plus a little experimental twist. Each week you can expect head lettuce or baby lettuce mix, a variety of cooking greens, tomatoes throughout most of our season, potatoes of many types and several seasonal items each week, like sweet corn, eggplants, basil and other herbs, a spectrum of beans, a wide variety of root crops. In addition to well-loved foods that don’t need explaining, we add one or two gourmet items each week, stretching your culinary repertoire to new heights. Recipes will accompany our shares to introduce you to unfamiliar foods, as well as and incite your discovery of fresh ways to love your old favorites.

The Visionary is expected to feed 2-4 enthusiastic veggie-lovers weekly, depending on your vegetable consumption. An average of 7-9 different vegetables will be in each box. Over 95% of the crops in this share will be from organic or biologically-grown sources, with the notable exception of sweet corn. All produce is grown by local farmers we know and trust.

We created the smaller Veggie Advocate box to address requests from several types of locavores: single-member or small households who can’t eat as much as the Visionary includes; families who dine out frequently; folks who want a less “experimental” palate than offered by our Visionary share and prefer a selection of more well-known staple crops; frequent market shoppers who want to have a CSA share with a little extra room to purchase discretionally; budget-minded families and individuals.

In order to create a full and varied share box for only $19 a week, The Advocate will feature about 60% of the product value of The Visionary. The Advocate includes lesser portions of the staple crops and fewer expensive gourmet crops, with the overwhelming majority of the crops sourced from organic or biologically-grown farm. In order to address the lower cost point of this box and still produce a satisfactory value of vegetables for our sharers, conventionally-grown crops may be included occasionally when market price differences are extreme. All produce is grown by local farmers we know and trust.

The Advocate is expected to feed two moderately-devoted vegetable eaters weekly. An average of 4-6 different vegetables will be in each box. Since it costs GFGP the same amount to pack and transport each version of our vegetable share irrespective of size, the Advocate necessitates that a higher percentage of its cost be spent on service and transportation than the Visionary.

Quick Stops vs. Full Service Pickup Sites: What’s the Difference?

QuickStop drop sites allow us to expand our share distribution to more neighborhoods without having a staffed market table. We cooperate with many kind and generous site hosts who allow us to leave shares in their homes, churches or places of business, asking no compensation because they believe in and support local food networking. It is your responsibility to claim your share before site closing time. Please offer your respect to our generous Quick Stop hosts by not placing burdensome expectations on them to hold your share or remain open after site hours. Because no GFGP staff member is present to collect our empty share boxes, Quick Stop sharers must pay a box deposit fee and remove their boxes from the site. Please see more information about our Box Deposit Policy in the following question.

A Full Service dropsite is staffed by a GFGP employee and allows us to offer you a plethora of local foods to augment your share. Full Service Sites may be a bona fide Community Farmers Market in some cases, or a GFGP Farmers’ Table in other cases. Since we have a friendly staff member present, you may pick up pre-orders from our A La Carte virtual market program and shop from our well-stocked market table, as well as leave your empty share boxes on site without paying a season deposit fee.

What is our Packaging Policy at Full Service and QuickStop sites?

All GFGP Fruit and Vegetable Shares at every site will be packaged in new or slightly used foldable waxed produce boxes. Our waxed box deposit return program has shown the triple benefits of 1.) better protection for your fresh produce than paper and cardboard packaging, 2.) reduction and reuse of non-recyclable packaging materials, and 3.) reduced cost to our sharers for packaging that would otherwise be thrown away after one use.

Although different size and shape waxed boxes will be used for various Fruit and Vegetable Shares, the policy for all boxes will be identical. (Note: Egg Shares have no packaging deposit fee since they require no packaging beyond the carton.) We appreciate your willingness to share not only fresh local produce with us, but also the burden, responsibility, and true cost of our mutual food packaging foot print.

Full Service Drop Site=No Use/No Charge Packaging Option

At Full Service Drop Sites, sharers will be expected to bring their own shopping bags and unload the boxes on site, thus leaving us with the intact box clean and little used. There is no packaging charge at Full Service Drop sites, since we retain the boxes and can utilize this investment to bring you produce throughout the duration of the season.

Quick Stop Drop Site = Deposit/Use Fee Option

Sharers who choose Quick Stop sites will be asked to pay a “deposit/use fee” along with your pre-season registration to cover the baseline cost to GFGP per weekly box: $45.00 per Fruit or Veggie Share. Since site hosts at Quick Stop sites cannot accept returned boxes, sharers must remove boxes weekly. Please do not leave your boxes or return boxes to Quick Stops. You own the boxes now…

…but our incentive for you to return those boxes to us–clean and ready for reuse—is a refund in “GFGP Bucks” at our Full Service drop sites where a GFGP staff person is on duty. Each wax box returned in serviceable condition will be valued at one GFGP Buck, redeemable as one US dollar through any of our market booths, through our A La Carte virtual market program, at the Greens Garage in Floyd, or as part of a future CSA payment. The differential in your original deposit/use fee and your returned value goes to reimburse labor involved in handling, cleaning and transporting boxes and to cover unusable boxes that may slip by our staff. Staffed locations that accept box returns are listed on our Drop Site Schedule as “Full Service Drop Sites”.

How can I get more local foods in addition to my share?

Market Tables: You can find us at these Community Markets and GFGP Farmers’ Tables with a wide selection of local foods for sale, so you can complement the contents of your share with many other choices.

  • Grandin Village Community Market, Roanoke
    Saturdays from 8 to 12, April 26th through October
    Westover Ave. behind Roanoke Natural Foods
  • West End Community Market, Roanoke
    Tuesdays, 3 to 6 pm, Year-Round
    1210 Patterson Ave. SW at West End Center for Youth
  • Floyd Community Farmer’s Market, Floyd
    Saturdays, 9 am to 1 pm, May 3rd through October
    Downtown on Locust St.
  • Blacksburg YMCA Farmer’s Table, Blacksburg
    Tuesdays, 3 through 6 pm, Year-Round
    YMCA Center Thrift Store building
  • Community Farmers Market, Blacksburg
    Saturdays, 7 am to 12 noon In front of Oasis World Market mid-May through October
  • Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital Farmers’ Table, Roanoke
    Thursdays, 2 to 6 pm May 8th through October 30th
    IN the Riverwalk Garage, corner of South Jefferson and Wiley Dr.
  • Greenbrier Nurseries Market, Roanoke
    Thursdays, 2 to 7 pm AND Saturdays 10 am to 3 pm
    5881 Starkey Road
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