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Meat n Cheese photo collage

Meat ‘n’ Cheese Share: Pastured ProteinAmple assortment of pastured meat basics: beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey and duck.  Premium dairy selections include cow cheese, goat cheese and butter.  This share allows you to choose an additional $50 worth of meats and cheeses from our diverse options.  Share ingredients average 50% meat, 30% dairy and 20% free-choice selections.  Weekly from the week of May 3rd until the week of October 25th.  You purchase 24 shares out of 26 delivery dates– your choice of 2 vacation days.  Value averages $16/week, single $395/double $775 season package, and is designed to satisfy 2 folks, depending on your general local foods consumption.  Register Now

Fruit n Veg photo collageMedley Fruit ‘n’ Veg ShareThe best of all local worlds in moderate quantities that won’t overwhelm your small household’s appetite or overstuff your refrigerator.  This mixed produce box features seasonal staples, averaging 60-40% blend of veggies and fruits, as described in our Fruit and Veggie Shares.   Best serves older couples, singles and frequent “eat-out” locovores.  Biologically grown and low-spray fruit sources preferred whenever possible. All our produce  is grown by local farmers we know and trust who have been trained in food safety practices.  Shares available Tuesday or Saturday schedule from the week of May 3rd until the week of October 25th.  You purchase 24 shares out of 26 delivery dates–your choice of 2 vacation days.  Medley Share value averages $25/week, single $590 / double $1160 season package, and is designed to satisfy 2 folks. Double shares available at a discount.  Register Now

Veg Vis Icon PhotoFresh Vegetable Share, The Visionary: The largest of the two veggie shares sizes, this share features 40+ varieties of fresh seasonal garden vegetables and culinary herbs, 95% of which are organic or biologically-grown.  This share is designed for households who love lots of vegetables and who want to prepare meals at home many days of the week.  One box every week from May 3rd through October 25th (with your choice of 2 vacation days), average of $27 retail value per week: season package single $650/double $1275.  Please see the “Harvest Chart” below to find out which vegetables might be in your box throughout the season. Register Now

Veg Adv icon PhotoFresh Vegetable Share, The Advocate: A smaller box size with a more basic selection of staple veggies & herbs, the majority of which are organic or biologically-grown.  This share is designed for smaller households, or less-adventurous veggie eaters, or folks who eat away from home more often. One box every week from May 3rd through October 25th (with your choice of 2 vacation days), average of $19 retail value per week: season package single $465/double $915.  Please see the “Harvest Chart” below to find out which vegetables might be in your box throughout the season. Register Now

100_1302Fresh Fruit Share: The Fruit Fan: Features fresh strawberries, cherries, various bush berries, peaches, pears and Asian pears, various melons, and many types of apples.   One box every week from May 17th through October 25th (with your choice of 2 vacation days), average of $15 retail value per week: season package single $340/double $665.  Please see the “Harvest Chart” below to find out which fruits might be in your box throughout the season. Register Now

Weathertop Fresh EggsFresh Pastured Egg Share: The Egg Enthusiast: Features Weathertop Farm’s Extra Large Brown Eggs from truly free-ranging grass-pastured poultry! “Best Eggs Known to Mankind.” One dozen eggs per week from May 3rd through October 25th (with your choice of 2 vacation days). Season Package single $125/double $245.  Register Now


Winter Share 4 in 1Winter Variety ShareThis all-farm share features fresh & storage vegetables, fresh & preserved fruits, fresh eggs, and many hand-crafted food items from local food producers. Enjoy 8 weekly deliveries on Tuesdays from November 1st through December 27th with 1 built-in vacation day.  Register Now

Meat-Free and Gluten-Free Winter Share Options: If you choose the gluten-free option, your box will still contain all the same fresh produce, eggs, honey, jam, cheese and so on as described above, but on weeks when an item containing gluten appears in the list we will substitute another item of similar value at our discretion.  The meat-free option will work the same way.  Over the course of the two-month season gluten and meat items only appear about 2 – 3 times each.  We will do our best not to duplicate the substitutions, choosing from our large variety of preserved, frozen and fresh foods at our discretion.  Sorry but we can only honor one option (meat-free or gluten-free but not both) in order to present you with a varied share box.  Sorry we cannot do a vegan box; the meat-free version will still contain eggs and cheeses.  The price of the share does not change regardless of the option you choose. Register Now


Tenley and a farmer negotiate a delivery

What is CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)?

Community Supported Agriculture can best be described as a partnership arrangement between local farmers and community members to respectively produce and purchase agricultural products.  Folks who love fresh local foods agree to pay farmers ahead of season for the costs entailed in growing food that will later be prioritized for them in share packages, usually every week throughout the principal growing season.  The CSA concept is nearly 50 years old in the United States and has enjoyed a following of increasing size and dedication since its introduction in New England communities.

Naturally, many versions of the traditional model have since been created to allow local farms and food producers to intersect with the needs of nearby buyers, and to reflect the desires of the community for certain products or kinds of agricultural enterprises.  But the following core principals remain at the heart of all true local-food CSAs:

  • Know your farmer, know where your food comes from and how it’s grown!  CSA’s secure sufficient quantity and premium quality food for their members;
  • CSAs introduce consumers and farmers to each other, cultivating an mutual appreciation for the integral roles each plays in improving local agriculture and personal health in our communities;
  • Pre-season commitment enables farmers make expensive investments necessary to get crops in the ground; consistent markets allow farmers to concentrate on farming, instead of worrying about where they’ll sell their crops;
  • Equitable wage for farm workers, as fair reimbursement incubates future farmers for our society’s continuing food security;
  • Preservation of farmland as one of our society’s most treasured assets, and viable reimbursement for products from that land to encourage its stewardship;
  • Ethical and caring treatment of animals, workers, consumers, neighbors and the land we steward in common.

 Lettuce Fields

Why join a CSA?

Joining a CSA of any sort is a season-long commitment to your farmer or group of farmers. Registration is not cheap for a whole season of high quality food and associated delivery–but “cheap” food is rarely the goal of CSA farmers.  Instead, CSA’s focus on quality, quantity, freshness, flavor and nutrition of foods grown locally and delivered quickly to end-use consumers.  CSA members are future-minded and realize that high-quality sustainable food production relies on fair reimbursement of the farmer and careful treatment of farmland in our own home towns.

Your support is vital to the continuance of our region’s small-farm businesses and the preservation of their land.  Your money goes directly to local food producers and their employees, not to transcontinental shipping costs. A pre-season CSA commitment represents your consumer “buy in” to a heaping portion of this exceptional local food, cultivated by neighboring farmers who have your best health at heart, your tastiest meals at the tip of their spades.

Ricky Berrier of Berrier Orchards brings peaches in from the orchard

Why join OUR CSA?

Numerous CSAs enjoy dedicated memberships in our region.  You should check them out thoroughly, because all individual farm programs may be significantly different from each other.  (Remember, CSA has lots of flex for individuality, and farmers will do just that!) Most fellow CSAs that we know about are “healthy food-oriented” and ethical; many of them feature professional growers of high quality foods.  So, what makes Good Food-Good People’s CSA so special–and why might YOU like to join us in 2015?

  • Most small-farm CSAs in our region are traditional single-farm programs, meaning they are sourced by just one farm, or sometimes a small group of cooperating neighbor-farmers.  GFGP CSA, on the other hand, is a multi-farm CSA sourced from over two dozen farms within a 100-mile radius of Floyd.  With this many experienced farmers contributing, our weekly variety is unsurpassed, we have ample quantity every week of the year, and frankly, our quality and freshness are off the chart! We and our committed corps of growers have been satisfying local foods aficionados for over twenty years, so we know what makes a great share program tick.
  • GFGP always prefers the cleanest foods available for your CSA shares, prioritizing certified organic and biologically-grown vegetables, no-spray or low-spray fruits whenever possible, and always featuring grass pastured eggs and meats.   We require preferred sustainable agriculture practices and food safety certification from our supplying farms.
  • GFGP CSA offers a wide range of share sizes and types, from which you can select your preferred bundle. We offer our veggie shares in two sizes for your convenience. Our FruitShare is the only all-season, all-fruit CSA in the region.  Our egg share contains the “Best Eggs Known to Mankind,” and the bountiful variety of foods found in our WinterShare box is completely unique.  Local foods are for everyone, and we try to meet the needs of many types of consumers with our range of share choices.
  • We offer two choices of delivery days, a 26-week main season with personal vacation options, and a 9-week WinterShare extravaganza.  We offer weekly deliveries in Roanoke, Blacksburg and Floyd. Our shares are all pre-packaged, so all you have to do is stop by your chosen dropsite and pick it up–no fuss, no muss.
  • There are no requirements for members to work, and no commitments requested from you after your share payment is received.
  • We accept checks, credit card and cash payments at farmers markets or on-line.  We are able to accept EBT payments in some locations.   We also have a payment plan available.  Ask us for more information.
  • Our acclaimed weekly newsletter will keep you in touch with the good people who create your good food.  Grower biographies, photos of farmers and staff, copious recipes and serving suggestions, and of course, a list of the foods in your share will be sent to you via email the day ahead of your share delivery.
  • GFGP hosts a free-choice pre-order virtual market program called A La Carte that delivers a huge range of other local foods not included in your share: pastured meats, cheeses, canned fruits, pickled veggies, live sauerkraut, sweeteners, pastas, pizza dough, beverages and lots more–all from 100-mile local sourcing.  You may order from this program to augment your CSA share, and pick it up at the same time and location.  All sharers will receive our email A La Carte menus weekly.
  • Most share pick-up locations are also farmers markets, and we are one of the premier venders (if not only!) at all these locations.  Augment your CSA share conveniently with a HUGE array of other local foods as you pick up your shares.
  • Many farmers and food producers are supported by your commitment to GFGP FarmShares.  As one of SWVA’s most reliable purchasing partners of fresh farm products, GFGP enjoys a mutually-sustainable relationship with many area farmers.  We pay fair prices and help to promote their farms or food producing enterprises through a wide variety of venues in the region.
  • GFGP keeps your money in local communities and reduces the fuel-mile footprint of long distance foods.  The more of our essential food expenditures that go back to the local farmers and other workers providing our daily foods, the stronger our communities and our farmland assets will become.
  • Due to the continued support of CSA sharers like you, many GFGP-affiliated small farms and their families have been able to weather difficult times and flourish in brighter times.  Your investment in their operations ensures their success so they can continue to supply us all with the best and freshest produce the Blue Ridge has to offer.



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      Yes! This year’s delivery to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital will be on Tuesdays from 3 to 6 pm in the Riverwalk Parking Garage. Carilion is offering a payroll deduction option again, but this time you can use it for any pickup site! Carilion will be publishing the registration very soon if not already this week.

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