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NEW BRIGHT FARM BEEF And More At This Weekend’s GFGP Markets

Does the thought of a juicy burger made with NEW Bright farm beef -topped with a freshly sliced tomato- and a side of corn on the cob get you hungry? Well, if you venture out to the Floyd Farmers Market or Grandin Village Community Market tomorrow, you will absolutely be able to purchase those items […]

A La Carte Community Update

Summertime and the livin’ is TASTY!! As schools wrap up their classes, don’t we all eye the freedom ahead for a welcome breath of fresh air to our harried schedules!!  What’s a better thing to do than spend a little rejuvenate kitchen-time with some delicious fresh local foods, and/or some social time with friends and […]

Weekend Markets

IMPORTANT NEWS- The stampede of strawberries is nearing its end, so make sure and get them while you can at this weekend’s Floyd Farmers Market and Grandin Village Community Market! Other notable items we will offer are an abundant variety of greens and salad mixes due to the chilly and wet climates we have been […]

Saturday Markets! May 14th

The strawberries are coming! This Saturday, our markets will be featuring a SPECIAL on some delicious strawberries! We also have an abundance of asparagus, tomatoes and cucumbers that will be available. Our pastured meat will once again be available for purchase, along with a SPECIAL assortment of chevre cheese! GFGP will be at Roanoke’s Grandin […]

“Know where your food comes from in our 2016 LOCAL CSA FarmShares” Volume 2

Last week, we took a look at some of GFGP’s proud farmers who work their butts off to provide amazing local and organic food for all who order from GFGP.  Here are 4 more farms and suppliers that you may be interested in learning more of.   Renno Farm- A cabinet maker gone farmer, Noah […]

“Know where your food comes from in our 2016 LOCAL CSA FarmShares”

GFGP has a vast assortment of farmers and suppliers that we work with to help make sure you get the best local, organic food possible in our area.  These fine people have been the heart of everything we do here at GFGP and we can’t thank them enough!  With this series, we will help introduce […]