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Long Winter’s Nap

Looking for Good Food and Good People?  You’ve got the right site, but you’ve caught us napping, catching up on some long-anticipated Rest and Reorganization over the winter.  Please check back with us in the near future to see what we’ve dreamed up for 2017 during our off-season hibernation! Good Food-Good People will continue deliveries […]

Winter Share: Variety, Variety, Variety!

The 2016 Winter Share is upon us! Many have already signed up for this exclusive Winter farm share program that offers local, farm produced food during a time of the year where it is often very difficult to find such foods.  While fresh veggies and fruits will be a bit less abundant, we still do […]

NEW BRIGHT FARM BEEF And More At This Weekend’s GFGP Markets

Does the thought of a juicy burger made with NEW Bright farm beef -topped with a freshly sliced tomato- and a side of corn on the cob get you hungry? Well, if you venture out to the Floyd Farmers Market or Grandin Village Community Market tomorrow, you will absolutely be able to purchase those items […]