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Greens Garage Store Morph 2014!!

Good Food – Good People (GFGP) will be re-purposing the Greens Garage store building on Roger Road in Floyd to be of greater service to local farmers, food producers, and “locavore” customers. On September 1st, 2014 the Greens Garage will cease to provide a retail shopping opportunity, instead transitioning to a system of pre-orders and […]

Who are we?

Founded in 1996, Good Food – Good People (GFGP) provides locally grown and produced food to retail and wholesale buyers in Southwest Virginia. GFGP represents over 50 producers of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, pasture-raised frozen meats, free-range eggs, farm cheeses, breads and baked delicacies, value-added foods and lots more. Through Good Food – Good […]

Accurate Labeling of Local Produce: What’s in a Word?

As purveyors of fresh produce and other products from local farms, GFGP strives to be clear and informative about farm production methods to our customers.  Following are definitions of legal/generally recognized terms used for marketing local products through GFGP. ORGANIC/CERTIFIED ORGANIC/ORGANICALLY GROWN:  Under the federal  National Organic Program (NOP) law, the “O Word” or any […]